Perspective and composition are so closely related we've put them in the one place. Perspective with respect to shooting pictures basically means moving the camera to different places before you take the shot. Composition means slightly changing the angle of your cam to shoot something way more interesting and artistic.

The single biggest improvement you can make to your photography if you're not already doing it is to improve your composition following the simple rule of thirds. Every bland photo I've ever looked at had the horizon dead center across the middle of the picture and they screamed BORING !

Here's how to compose better pictures using the magic rule of 1/3rds.

Aim your camera at the landscape and look at the screen on the back. If you have a horizon in your picture then center it level with one of the 1/3rd way imaginary dividing lines that I've highlighted in the pic below. Try taking lots of pix with the horizon line on both the horizontals and choose the best one later on your PC when you get home. Never delete pics straight off the camera. They often look quite different when you put them on a big screen.

Placing the horizon line 1/3 the way up or down the picture results in a far better shot like the one below.

Perspective of your pictures can easily be improved by adding some foreground interest.

Take a look at the two pictures below. In the first shot I took your typical tourist photo pointing the cam out over a railing and snapping away. Its a nice shot but its boring, the horizon is dead center in the frame and there is not much to catch your eye.

Here's the same shot and I only moved the cam about two feet to the left. This time however there is something interesting in the foreground and the horizon line is following the rule of 1/3rds.

* Remember * ... Rule of 1/3rds and Foreground Interest.

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