Welcome to the Dudeworld Photography Section.

Here we are going to cover everything to do with digital photography from choosing a cam, accessories, graphics editors and how to use it all.

We will also give you some red hot tips to improve your picture taking skills out of sight as well as showing you how to improve your pictures on the computer after you've shot them. In the usual Dudeworld style, everything presented here is in an easy to understand format and written in plain english. We cut through the crap to show you the stuff that really matters.

Our Photography writers have been hobbyists and semi-pro for decades and really know their stuff. So sit back, have a read and learn how to shoot pics like never before.

Like the other sections of Dudeworld, this one is steadily expanding so please call back now and then to see the new stuff!

Here's a guide to helping you choose your next cam as well as deciphering the numbers on the one you already have. Read More

The single biggest improvement you can make to your photography if you're not already doing it is to improve your composition following the simple rule of thirds. Read More

The single biggest thing you can do for shooting scenery with your cam is to make certain you are using a high F-Stop value of F7.0 or greater. Read More

Viewpoint is what seperates boring photos from ones that make people gasp "WOW". Read More

The single most important skill for good portraits is understanding lighting. If you're like me and don't own a studio with lighting then getting to grips with natural lighting is a must. Read More

Since they were first invented, cameras have been unable to capture detail in objects when there are two or more of them with wildly different lighting. Read More

Macro photography is interesting and fun. It allows you to explore the fine detail and color in small objects or extreme close ups of larger ones. Read More

Small compact type underwater cameras are cheap and plentiful. Using these to experiment with underwater photography makes alot of sense as they are quite rugged enough to take to the beach or the pool. Read More

There's a lot to know about lenses but its definitely worthwhile learning about. Read More

Here's some hot tips to shortcut you to taking great photos. Keep these in mind next time you are behind your cam and your pics will go from good to AWESOME ! Read More

To progress from an average photographer to a good one you are going to need a powerful graphics editor. The only two choices right now are Adobe Photoshop ($1500) or Gimp (Free). To get you started and keep costs down we will focus on Gimp for the moment as it is every bit as powerful as Photoshop and will cost you nothing to use. Read More

In this lesson we will teach you how to prepare your photos for Facebook. Rather than uploading them straight from your phone or PC, your pictures will look FAR better if you run them through Gimp first. Read More