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Well you've come to the right place because we've got some awesome vintage bits and pieces we've stumbled across that make fantastic viewing. Like the other sections of Dudeworld, this one is slowly expanding with amazing stuff added now and then so don't forget to come back later for a look at what's new. Please be patient with the loading times for these pages, they contain many images.

1948... a year of both turmoil and prosperity. Three short years after world war two had finished and many countries were hard at work rebuilding their entire infrastructure. America was no different and if there was one company that came through the war more or less intact it was Harley Davidson. Here is their 1948 catalog Read More

1953. The last year that real Indian motorcycles were manufactured. The ailing company in an attempt to remain viable started selling rebranded British motorcycles to the public. Sadly it was all in vain and the once mighty Indian Motorcycle Company that had captured hearts and minds worldwide since 1901 went bankrupt a few short years later. Enjoy their 1953 catalog... Read More

In the early 70's the world was a very different place. Individualism and freedom of expression was burned into the brains of an entire generation. The hot car and bike scene was stronger than ever and choppers roamed the streets every day. The most common kinds of choppers were based around the legendary Honda 750. The big Hondas were cheap, powerful and everywhere.... a whole aftermarket sprang up around turning these bikes into cool choppers. We've uncovered an actual 1972 How to build a Chopper manual and its very detailed. Enjoy a blast from the days of disco.Read More

Plymouth... a performance division of Chrysler Motor Corporation in the 1970's.

Back in the '70s there was a Supercar horsepower war well and truly underway in America. The big three (GM, Ford and Chrysler) were slugging it out on both the racetracks and streets of the US, each of the three producing some stupendously powerful machines straight from the showroom floor. Plymouth was leading the way in 1970, sporting the mighty triple carb 426 Hemi and 440 c.i. big blocks as some of the many engine options available to the buying public. Truly awesome stuff.

We've uncovered a beautiful scan of the 1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System brochure and we know you want to see it ! Read More

In 1963 Chrysler Corporation announced the public trial of 50 gas turbine cars.

These vehicles had been in R&D for more than 10 years and were almost ready for mass production. They would run on many different kinds of fuel like diesel, unleaded gas, kerosene, JP-4 jet fuel, even vegetable extracts like peanut oil. In fact it would run on virtually anything and the president of Mexico tested this theory by running one of the first cars - successfully - on tequila. Incredible !

Because of the extreme combustion pressures and temperatures, harmful exhaust emissions were almost non-existent. The gas turbine car was squashed by the US govt one week before the decision to mass produce was made. I can't help but wonder if this is exactly the kind of engines we need in todays vehicles to utilize zero carbon footprint bio fuel. Enjoy a look at the 1963 sales brochure for the gas turbine car. Read More

The 1969 Ford Performance Buyers Digest

In '69 Ford was not going to be left out of the supercar wars !!

Here is their publication from back in the day that highlights their fastest production models. V8 engines ranged from 302's right through to the awesome 428 cobrajet. Towards the end of this brochure is a list of factory go faster parts for when a healthy V8 was just not fast enough ! Read More

1950... The year of rock and roll, bobber style Harleys and white wall tyres!

It was also a year of awesome racing out on the Bonneville Salt Flats and here at Dudeworld, we have scored a reprint of the action from an ancient Popular Mechanics magazine.

One of our gun writers and all round top bloke Gaz (T.D. to his mates) sent this in for everyone to look at, cheers mate. Read More

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