Check out the '62 Chrysler Turbine brochure and wonder what might have been if the US govt didn't stop development one week before production.

Here's some further information on this amazing vehicle:


- 130 horsepower at 3,600 rpm (output shaft speed); 425 lb-ft of torque at zero rpm!

- Weight: 410 lb - 25 inches long, 25.5 inches wide, 27.5 inches tall (without accessories, which make the overall length 35 inches).

- Fuel requirements: what've you got? diesel, unleaded gas, kerosene, JP-4, others. No adjustments needed to switch from one to the other.

- Compressor: centrifugal, single-stage compressor with 4:1 pressure ratio, 80% efficiency, 2.2 lb/sec air flow

- First stage turbine: axial, single-stage, 87% efficiency, inlet temperature 1,700 degrees F.

- Second-stage turbine: axial, single-stage, 84% efficiency, max speed 45,700 rpm

- Regenerator: dual rotating disks, 90% effectiveness, 22 rpm max speed

- Burner: single can, reverse flow, 95% efficiency

- Maximum gas generator speed: 44,600 rpm

- Maximum output speed, after reduction gears: 4,680 rpm

- Exhaust temperature at full power: 500 degrees Farenheit.

Would you like to see Chrysler's 1963 promotional vid for this car ?