Viewpoint is what seperates boring photos from ones that make people gasp "WOW".

Learning viewpoint skills is easy too. Every time you see a photo that looks awesome stop and analyse it. Ask yourself things like; Where was the cam positioned when they shot the picture? Is everything in focus or does the photo use blur to make the subject stand out ? Which direction was the light coming from ?

After a while you start to think like that when you're holding your camera. Where should I place the cam for a cool shot ? Should I use a small F-Stop value to blur out the background or a high one to get everything to the horizon in focus ? Which direction should I shoot in to best use the light ?

These skills come with practice and the best way to practice is to shoot many pictures of the same subject. Shoot from different directions to see which lighting works best. Shoot from different heights to see which gives the best perspective. In short, play around with the cam and have fun.

Look for reflective surfaces to add interest to your shots. When you find one shoot using the guidelines above.

Reflections don't have to be natural either. Man made ones often add spark and turn a cool shot into an awesome one.

When shooting cars, often the most flattering viewpoint is from the front, off to one side and crouching down with the cam.

Selfies in a mirror. Make them interesting and not like everyone elses. Look for something else that is reflective instead of the bathroom mirror !

Break the rules. Think outside the square. In the next shot I put the cam in macro mode (focus on things very close to the lens) and used my beer as a wide angle lens.

* Remember * ... Move the cam around for height and distance to subject, Break the rules and Look for reflections.

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