Macro photography is interesting and fun. It allows you to explore the fine detail and color in small objects or extreme closeups of larger ones.

look for the following symbol on your camera to engage macro mode.

On most cameras this symbol is found on the control ring.

Try to shoot in bright even lighting whever possible, you will need this to get good depth of field in your shots. You can also try carefully taping some opaque paper over your flash and force firing it as well. Greaseproof cooking paper works well for this and stops the flash from bleaching everything out when doing close up work.

A tripod can be especially handy when shooting static objects in lower light levels. It will eliminate the camera shake that can be inevitable when using the low shutter speeds (under 1/30th second) associated with high F values.

By its very nature, macro photography is challenging. Often the end of the lens is less than an inch from the subject and shadows from the camera can wreck a shot. Position your lighting or subject to remove camera shadow.

Depth of field with macro photography is very small. In the following picture you can see how rapidly the shot goes out of focus along the length of a model car.

The best subjects for macro are often very small and flat, however interesting effects are often acheived with only part of the subject in focus.

* Remember * ... Camera in Macro mode, Lighting that removes Camera Shadow and Shallow Depth of Field.

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