Have a look at how mean these road barriers are and imagine hitting one at speed...

Despite the approach of motorcycling lobby groups to the parliamentarians concerned to voice their horror, the latest vehicle barrier technology being rolled out across the state of New South Wales, Australia continues to be installed.

Yes they stop cars and trucks. Yes its a cost effective solution. Yes it tears motorcyclists to pieces instantly killing them and is known among bikers as the "cheese cutter."

Monash University even commissioned a study into the devastating effect of raw barriers on motorcyclists. Its available for download from a link here.

A couple of years ago there was even a clip together injection moulded plastic cover designed by an enterprising soul to cover the exposed steelwork and protect people from its devastating potential but it was pooh-poohed as too expensive by the relevant government department.

I get cold shivers up my spine whenever I have to ride a road with these things installed and other motorcyclists I talk to hate the things as well.

I suppose my caring government thinks I'm in a disposable minority group......

The Stinking Bastards!

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