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A tough question to be sure and one that can be surprisingly difficult to answer. For a lot of people it is actually a real choice they make when they buy a motorcycle as the average person can only afford to own one or the other. Both bikes offer something special the other doesn't and it is often agonizingly difficult to choose.Read More

OFFICER: Do you have any reason for travelling at that speed ?

BIKER: Actually, Yeah I Do...... Read More

When you're traveling at 50mph+ on a motorcycle every single piece of stress that constitutes your daily grind, your full time hassle, your nagging must-do's suddenly fail to exist..........

just like that............. *clicks fingers* Read More

Other people look at me like I'm some sort of freak if I tell them and I have noticed that people react differently according to their level of empathy. For example, the vast majority of motorcyclists that ride Japanese bikes either develop a way of looking at me that successfully mixes disdain, pity and wonderment or an attitude that I am simply uninformed, having a mid life crisis or dust plain dumb. Its worse when I open up and tell people who don't ride at all and even some of the Harley riding guys think I'm a few nuts and bolts short of the whole packet.Read More

Playing guitar is an awesome pass time, often relaxing and is a prerequisite for any up and coming rock god. In fact, getting together with other musicians for a "jam session" is often a highlight for many guitarists as it is an opportunity to showcase skills among like-minded friends and to share ideas, riffs, licks and techniques.

But where do you start? Read More

Sunglasses ...................... Cheap or Expensive?

Sunglasses are an accepted piece of clothing anywhere in the world these days but it was not always the case. Traditionally they were the eye protection of choice for aviators, sportsmen and the well heeled spectacle wearer. This rapidly changed in 1929 when a man called Sam Foster sold the first pair of Foster Grant sunglasses on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Popularity came very quickly and by the 1930's the sunglass boom was well and truly underway. Read More

The concrete stack has been at my old workplace since early 1992 when the zinc smelter both of us worked at was forced to control their emissions a little better. The company responded by building a huge bag-house filtration plant powered by a couple of 3000 horse motors. It was basically a huge mother of a vacuum cleaner and the massive concrete stack just pushed filtered hot air into the atmosphere 87 metres (261 feet) from the ground.Read More

What will we do when all the Dinosaurs are dead ?

Those mechanical relics that chew copious amounts of fuel, make tremendous amounts of power and sound like soul stirring music to the ears to generations of automotive power junkies. What will we do when they're all dead and buried in the face of the latest fossil fuel crisis? Read More

There is in fact entire legions of hackers out there, some of them collaborating to take down hardened targets. A lot of them are rebellious souls and the majority not particularly skilled at coding their own exploits. The vast majority of hackers use software written by the really talented hard core coders who live on the bleeding edge of software corruption and manipulation. These talented folk perhaps make up 1-2% of the total hacker population and their release of hacking software to the millions who'd like to try their hand at it serves a few purposes. Read More

Despite the approach of motorcycling lobby groups to the parliamentarians concerned to voice their horror, the latest vehicle barrier technology being rolled out across the state of New South Wales, Australia continues to be installed.

Yes they stop cars and trucks. Yes its a cost effective solution. Yes it tears motorcyclists to pieces instantly killing them and is known among bikers as the "cheese cutter." Read More



Want to see some kick arse explosives in action eh? Well you've come to the right place. Read More

On the wall of the Marine sniper school at Camp Pendleton is a Chinese proverb: "Kill one man, terrorize a thousand."

Ever since man started using projectile weapons he has striven to use them from greater distances. After all, the reason they were invented was to permit hunting from a safe distance. As primitive tribes came into close contact with each other, it was inevitable that there would be disputes, be they cultural differences, hunting rights or any one of a thousand other reasons. Inevitably, in one of these conflicts someone used a weapon that had previously been used only for hunting game. The race was on. Read More

It was colder than cold.

It was the kind of winters morning that would see even the toughest of brass monkeys wrapping their balls up in custom made "knackertherm" microfibre undies.

It was like an icebox inside my 20yr old Suzuki 4wd too, as I punted along the pretty winding mountain road on my daily sojourn to work. It had just occurred to me that even in a gutless old shitbox with no heater I was acually happy in my commute every day. I realised that I had discovered the key to happy commuting (it had only taken me 20 years) and I'm more than happy to share my thoughts... Read More

Buying a used car is a process fraught with danger. The chances of ending up with a lemon that requires substancial repairs or worse, an unroadworthy vehicle are always playing on the mind when you're in the process of acquisition.

Lets face it, most people have little moral conscience when it comes to cars and the main reason they upgrade an old car is because there is something wrong with it, sometimes there are several somethings!

So how do you protect yourself from ending up with a bomb? Read More

The FXS Low Rider was born in 1977.

Harley Davidson's Low Rider was introduced at Daytona Bike Week in Florida. Dubbed the FXS, it was the first of Harley's "factory customs", many of which proved so popular with buyers that they are highly coveted among Harley aficionados. In addition to the FXS's low seat height, that first model Low Rider included raised white lettered tires, drag bars, mag wheels, and an often copied two-into-one slash-cut exhaust. Coupled with shorter rear shocks and 1" longer forks, the bike was an instant hit and inspired Willie G. and his staff to create even more custom models - a trend that continues to this day and one of the main reasons for the motor company's continued popularity with the public. Read More

The OEM Constant Velocity Carburettor introduced by Harley Davidson on its Sportsters (1989) and Big Twins (1990) is actually a damn good piece of equipment, capable of flowing enough CFM of air to feed modified 90+ HP motors while giving nothing away to aftermarket carbs by S&S and Mikuni.

H-D has sold almost two million CV equipped bikes since then and its only the fact that all new Harley models have fuel injection that they've stopped being produced. In stock form they are a decent carburettor, sporting a 40mm throttle bore and a 39mm venturi. In standard trim it was only the early California models that had any problems, with an off-idle hesitation caused by a lean slow-speed jet (to beat emission requirements). The problem was easily cured however by changing the slow jet to a #45. Read More

Most blokes think they know a thing or two about sparkplugs... hell we've all changed enough of the damn things over the years right... You just gap them and whack 'em in .... What else is there to know ?

Heaps apparently, Read More

NOS... the brand name that became a legend in its own era. So popular in fact that the brand (Nitrous Oxide Systems - NOS for short) is these days used to describe any kind of nitrous kit for any vehicle.

Nitrous has become a household word over the last five years and it's popularity with motorheads worldwide continues to increase exponentially with its recent high profile exposure in box office smash movies and the losing of its stigma as an engine killer.

Nitrous Oxide automotive kit producers have worked very hard over the last ten years to produce quality kits containing all the necessary parts and instructions for installation by the layman. The quality of the individual kit parts has increased as well and these days modern kits contain enough parts reliability and company knowledgebase to make a nitrous oxide installation a real proposition for the racer on a budget.

Dollar for Dollar there is no greater horsepower increase available for the piston engine. Read More

I don't know about you, but I love flicking through the used car section of the trading post, checking out all the varying pros and cons of a myriad of vehicles using magazines and the internet. Every bloke is an expert on cars. This doesn't mean we have to be mechanics or engineers, but we must know a lot about them. It's a rite of passage when you can identify the make, model and year of a car simply by catching a glimpse of the tail-light as it turns a corner ahead of you and all your mates nod in agreement.

Often the relationship between blokes and their chosen mode of transport is one of love and hate. We will all involve ourselves in huge arguments to determine why "my vehicle is better than yours", but deep down we all know our cars' faults; and they all have them, not that we'll readily admit it. Cars can be as unique as we are and everyone has differing expectations and needs for their vehicle. This is the warts and all story of my own. Read More

You paint your car, your house, you may even put art on your walls. Why not make it personal! Not everybody likes the idea of having a needle let alone thousands of them per minute as is required to get a tattoo. Personally, I have a minor fear of even a doctorís needle, I go pale and feel a little faint most times but under the tattoo gun itís a different story.

My heart races, my pulse is through the roof and I canít wait to see the finished work, no matter how long its going to take or how many times the needle is going to pierce my skin. My first foray into the world of tattooing was a small tribal type piece on my upper right arm. A Black only style tatt that took a little over half an hour to complete, it was a nice and easy one to bust my tattoo cherry so to speak. My second tattoo was a bit more serious. It took more then two hours and the better part of my left arm from my shoulder to down near my elbow. Read More

Burt Munro... a pothsumous legend and the man behind the World's Fastest Indian Motorcycle.

Burt was not the kind of bloke that gave up. On a shoestring budget and manufacturing his own parts, he single handedly transformed his 1926 Indian Scout into a fire breathing monster capable of almost 200 Mph. At the ripe age of 67 he was still setting land speed records on the same bike at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA. An amazing tale of one man's true passion. Read More

David Mann's artwork depicts just about every part of the biker lifestyle. His huge body of work has spread around the globe during the last thirty years and he is probably most famous as the incredibly talented artist behind Easyrider Magazine.

His art is very special... Its art that spans across generations, across continents and just about any other barrier you can think of. Art that stands the test of time.

Sadly, David passed away a couple of years back and here's a tribute to his life and his work... Read More

Once a year the small country town of Kurri Kurri, Australia really comes alive for the annual Nostalgia Festival.

Celebrating all things 1950's and all things cool, the festival runs over three days every March and attracts some brilliant bands, fun people and amazing machinery.

The Dudeworld cameras managed to be there on day three to capture the brilliant Hot Rod and Custom show. There was more than 180 vehicles there on the day, ranging from 20's and 30's rods, 50's and 60's lead sleds through to 70's and 80's muscle. It was a V8 mecca. Read More

The Harley Davidson Fatboy is the Motor Company's most iconic model from the last two decades.

Hugely popular with both owners and admirers alike, the Fatboy has been Australia's biggest selling model for a number of years.

Even when it was introduced in 1990, the Fat Boy instantly became one of Harley-Davidson's most popular models and is still the most copied style of cruiser motorcycle by the big Japanese manufacturers. Read More