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When you're traveling at 50mph+ on a motorcycle every single piece of stress that constitutes your daily grind, your full time hassle, your nagging must-do's suddenly fail to exist..........
just like that............. *clicks fingers*

Only a 'here and now' feel good exists on a motorcycle at 50mph+ as long as you feel safe because you're rinding a nice piece of road on a nice day and you've got good visibility.

I've been testing this phenomenon for quite some time now and I have even enlisted friends and family to help me check it out. Everyone who has tried it so far from the ages of five to forty has been stunned that there actually is a facial wind speed at which humans feel soothed .

Open face helmets are the weapon of choice to validate this phenomenon for yourself, although some of our intrepid testers have had success just by flipping up the visor on a full face helmet. In fact, you actually don't even need a motorcycle! We've tested sea swept cliff tops in almost gale force winds and it achieves the exact same effect although you're at the mercy of mother nature as far as the frequency of getting your 'fix' is concerned.

Peoples natural reaction to 50+ mph wind speed is to focus entirely on how good it feels right here, right now. A naturally induced euphoria if you like which forces me to the next logical step;

Is a physical reaction is to blame ?

Could it be an endorphin release trigger ?

Perhaps the associated wind chill rapid temperature drop is responsible?

The faster I get answers the more questions it raises.

80kmh or 50mph .... its all the same

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