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THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: White Elephant?
« Last post by Hardman on July 14, 2017, 04:13:09 AM »
... Cerebelum Ataxia... essentially a balance issue, we all have this little organ left side of head, it's sort of a part of the brain but has more to do with keeping you from falling over :)

I ended up being diagnosed with it two weeks ago although my doc suspected it somewhat earlier, it can have a variety of affects but in my case is just affecting walking - I can still drive happily and so far as I'm concerned fly fine as well, but that will be up to the flight surgeons.

Like every doctor on the earth he tells me it must be because I drink - bullshit - I go off and get a bunch of second opinions and do some reading - not Dr Google, med library. Last year as I think I've mentioned I had Epstein Barr that erupted as Glandular fever, it and head trauma are the commonest causes of this condition, which is good news really, means the cerebellum is just inflamed, not damaged.

I had a bit of a fight with EB, but believe it or not most all of you likely have it, it just is benign in most people, not me unfortunately, but as it reduces so may the cerebulum symptoms. Head trauma, well, yes, but not for a lot of years and a CT scan showed no damage so I doubt that.

I don't know - my own long retired flight surgeon actually knows pilots, in the mil, with this condition, if it only affects your walking balance who cares? You fly sitting down :) But, it can have other impacts like memory issues so they do ramp up the med tests a bit, that's next week for me.

Delights of getting older I guess, they are holding a slot for me on the -35, moving it in the schedule as the medicos pontificate, as is their wont :)

I can understand, expensive and currently rare aircraft here and I'd prefer to keep breathing anyway, but perhaps If I go chuck an A-4 around in front of the docs out there, flew one just a few weeks ago, they might understand this is not messing with my interface with an aircraft :)

The annoying thing is that there is no treatment, it gets better, it stabilises, or it gets worse, my doc stuck me on thiamin, B2 in other words, that's because he is convinced, or he was before I pointed a few things out to him, that it was my drinking habits. I drink wine, in relative moderation, near all the time, the past few weeks I've lured a few docs into telling me what THEY drink - mostly hard stuff - my old flight surgeon does not think it has been a good day if he can't relax with a jug of margaritas and watch the sun set on the Pacific off Venice Beach :)

I stopped thinking of that as the cause weeks ago, pretty certain it is the EB and I just have to ride it out - may screw up my ride in the -35 for a while but...

I'm pretty sanguine about it - I've flown it, would like to again, but my flying days are near over I think - bit annoying...

You know the oddest thing about flight surgeons ? Few of them can actually fly... My one does, Cessnas, years ago had him back seat in an F-4, he was too shaky after to even sign my clearance - even though he loved it ;)

We'll see, I am not getting younger, but it beats the alternative :)


THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: White Elephant?
« Last post by Hardman on July 12, 2017, 12:19:11 AM »
you know the old saying, pics or it didnt happen :p  rofl


It may not happen - been grounded by a medical condition that whilst not fatal or even so far as I can see has an impact on flying, is frowned upon by some flight surgeons.

No cameras allowed out at Pearce though so unless, if I get a run, I can have someone snap me in the air and then how would you know if it was me, it is not going to happen.

I'm being braced to be told my flying days may be over - that's just plain depressing....

THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: White Elephant?
« Last post by LordDread on July 10, 2017, 08:45:39 PM »
you know the old saying, pics or it didnt happen :p  rofl
THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: White Elephant?
« Last post by Hardman on July 07, 2017, 01:06:52 AM »

I honestly do not know Wallacey.

We are due one here next month and I'm slotted into the schedule, it will be an A, so a bit different. I do wish someone would pay me for this charity time - might have to have a few chats :)

As an aircraft, fine, the price and delays - ridiculous....


THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: White Elephant?
« Last post by Wallacey on July 04, 2017, 05:10:52 PM »
Very interesting!

Maybe not flogging a dead horse now?

Good health to you and your family.

THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: White Elephant?
« Last post by Hardman on July 02, 2017, 06:51:29 PM »

Now I'm really conflicted - had to go to Adelaide in a rush two or so weeks ago, lots of health issues in the family and my younger sister was carrying too big a load, so went to help.

Not too bad, but mother has leukemia, older sister is in recovery from two cancers, but prognosis looks good, brother busted an arm,  I cannot believe it is his first bone break, he is so accident prone -I've busted just about everything, but I have lived a bit more adventurous life than a painter and decorator. :)

I didn't even bother to mention my sore back, trivial by comparison, but after day two here I am in my old home town and I REALLY needed to go chase clouds - my way to unwind, so gave a mate a call, see what might be around."A car will be with you in 30 mins" I get told " Need your opinion on something, "

Bit odd but ok, I need some distraction.

An immaculate mil driver turns up, fortunately at my hotel, at my mother's place that would have been the Spanish Inquisition, I'm in jeans and a t but he still saluted me - I suppose I do have some silly high rank but i told him to take it easy, I'm just a civvy these days.

Where are we going ? Edinburgh AFB - makes sense, primary RAAF testing base but I've still no clue what is in store.

Then I get introduced to an F-35B, the V/STOl version, he wanted my opinion because of all my Harrier time, but like most I didn't even know they had one - spreading the test schedule around, but why we get that one,  anybody's guess.

No way I just fly a new airplane, especially one I have suspicions of, so crawl all through the thing all day with an old friend crew chief, and did become impressed.

Take the manuals back to my hotel, do an RTFM evening, it really did not look too big a problem , but, well, I've flown aircraft that try to kill you before you even light the fires :)

Next morning I get picked up again and go suit up - chase was an old mate in an F/'A 18.

It was just so easy, taxi out with a board so intuitive it was a glance was enough , line up and go - no VTOL stuff on a first lift-off but it hardly mattered, talk about acceleration :)

I spent a few minutes feeling her out, did what I asked so headed into the free--fly zone, out over the ocean, jeez, talk about acceleration - my mate laughed, said I was as big a speed freak as ever and orbited to wait for me to come back.

To be honest I had a ball, but I've flown so many aircraft perhaps it was just  a bit of absence :)

So we get to touch-down and I figure if this new VTOL concept is awkward it doesn't matter, with that acceleration I'll just power out of here and do it again.

No need - it was as easy as :)

So now I'm a bit conflicted, it has taken too long, costs too much, but damn is it nice to fly  :)

I'd like to try some DACT i would like - might happen, we'll see, I made the offer, I think I'm about the last living pilot in Oz who has seen actual combat, dropping bombs is different,

Dunno, the crewies were a bit bemused when I came out with a walking stick - less so when I did a 30 foot runway bypass to wake myself up :)

I fly, simple as that, but after that run this airplane has me confused :)



THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: What aircraft am I ? V 3.0
« Last post by Hardman on July 01, 2017, 04:43:42 PM »

 I better add clue on mine - Eagle works IT in accounting, it's 1 June, doubt not be around for a bit :)

 This aircraft of mine is neither fish nor fowl, and I am not aware anyone has ever tried it since :)

THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: What aircraft am I ? V 3.0
« Last post by Hardman on June 18, 2017, 06:46:31 PM »

I just did, cos you posted it two places - unreal - reminds me of what a nutcase I was - some would say I still am :)


THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: Had to have the cat "put to sleep"
« Last post by fuknKIWI on June 17, 2017, 11:03:19 AM »
RIP Monty
THE SHOTGUN BAR / Re: What aircraft am I ? V 3.0
« Last post by fuknKIWI on June 17, 2017, 11:01:45 AM »
Here's a few to catch up with...

Photographer Captures Air Show with Nikon 800mm and Crazy Shoulder Rig

Check out the shots this bloke took

All photos here
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