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Title: Churn
Post by: Richo on July 14, 2009, 03:51:52 AM
Churn.... engines roar and pistons turn,
the road blur streaks away.

Churn.... drive belts spin and sparkplugs burn,
the mundane far away.

Speed.... busted parts and wallets bleed,
obsessions never die.

Speed.... faded leather and racer's creed,
formed by octane's die.

Chrome.... sun rays glint and lightening's home,
a depth as deep as sea.

Chrome.... pinpoint white reflections roam,
a fisheye world to see.

Heed.... the riders's call and true souls need,
a balance equals two.

Heed.... the true of heart and noble deed,
a road warriors path too.

Churn, Speed, Chrome, Heed.

Heed that which calls when you are at peace.