Author Topic: Geez I love my work sometimes... :)  (Read 831 times)

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Geez I love my work sometimes... :)
« on: September 07, 2013, 08:43:12 AM »

Had a quick chat to AD about this yesterday, cos he used to work for this particular bunch of clowns. I do back-up analysis for a mate who does security, ip cameras etc.

He had a problem with a network where his encoders were locking up, but if he pulled one switch out and replaced it with some piece of crap that can't stay, not on the standard equip list, problem goes away.

So he grabbed me some before and after Wireshark traces and flipped them over.

Heh, on the traces when the problem is there what do I see? regular blocks of Rip2 requests, causing route loops, poisoned routes basically, and getting precedence which kinda upsets IP camera encoders that use RTP. Replace switch, no Rip2....

Trace the Rip, old Cisco 1920 router, hmm, look up switch that was locking up, supports Rip2...

Who the fuck uses Rip2 these days? 15 hops and you are fucked... But networking is not the exact science they would like us to believe it is.... Someone just forgot to turn it off... Or didn't even realise the switch had it on by default.

Shit, development of that protocol stopped in 98, and, this is an all Cisco network, well, it is since they took all the bridges out after a virus storm so the only routing protocol that SHOULD be on there is IGRP or  EIGRP.

Amazes me that a department this big can't even run up a simple packet capture and go "oh."

Would not have happened when AD was there I suspect, but he quit in disgust ages ago :)

Ah well, easiest piece of change I'm added to the bank balance in a while :)

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