Author Topic: What aircraft am I ? V 3.0  (Read 153006 times)

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Re: What aircraft am I ? V 3.0
« Reply #2325 on: August 11, 2017, 12:52:57 AM »

6th of August...

I was there a few years back - does make you wonder, they rebuilt the city and the same goes for Nagasaki, lots of residents who were there who survived and are of course now somewhat ancient. Of course compared to now they were very small bombs, definitions vary but around 10KT seems to be about right, they were airbursts as well so the radiation was spread.

Nonetheless I've a book around here somewhere written  by a U.S. engineer who was early in Hiroshima after the surrender, really quite horrifying to read.

I've never been sure if dropping them was necessary, Japan was defeated by then in any real terms, although an invasion might have been very costly in terms of lives but the reality is the Americans did not really know what they were unleashing...


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