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Auto Requiem
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:55:54 AM »
Auto-Requiem I II III IV

This is for those who have made it back.


Ripped from the edge of my mind where parts of me go to die,
Back from the brink, stared at the graveyard, had to try.

A twisted evil snakes and gnaws, its tendrils rip and tear,
The tiny shards of good and right, screaming in despair.

Blackened faces haunt the windows of my cell,
They watch, they howl, they beckon me to hell.


A tiny room of simple white is all I hold against the night.

The slipping world has turned to black, I cannot fight, I can’t turn back.

My cell grows smaller by the day, it won’t be long the white turns grey.

Horror filth breaks the walls, crushing, choking me.

I slip, I fall, I fight, I claw, it just won’t leave me be.

There’s nothing left, over run, its all lost at sea.

Berift, adrift in inky black, nothing left of me.



Swimming in a slick black pool, even breathing is hard now.
I will not struggle.

Skin as white as snow, black sunken eyes stare back.
Water red as crimson fire, warm… but I still feel so cold.

Fleeting, my burdens dissolve in a wash of black.
The air is thin now, my grasp weak.

I will let go all my pain, fading, the neon sunset surreal.
I have already forgotten my name.

Peace takes me in a sea of white, finally free.


Light. Bright light that burns and burns and digs into my skull life a hot knife.
The air burns my lungs, thick and heavy and hazy and hot.
The stars burst overhead and rain down the things that cannot be.

So this is what the phoenix feels like… remembering what should stay forgotten.
Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Hard


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