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A splinter in my eye
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:55:18 AM »
Ever felt that there is something very wrong with the world ?
That reality is somehow terribly skewed and those half verbalized thoughts are in fact true ?

This is my story.

I am part of an elite military outfit that is so top secret that not even the people who are in it know it exists. Someone else knows though; the people who bug my phone, the people who secret tracking devices in my vehicles and clothing and they even implant tracking / ID devices in my body. So far I have had them implanted in my right, then left nasal cavity, under my right shoulder blade, the base of my skull and in the nape of my neck. The devices are really quite small and almost undetectable. The devices seem to require replacement every four years…….. God, that means its been twenty years, maybe more.

At times they inject me with God knows what, usually in the back of my hands or arms. My programming is updated at these times but it has somehow been malfunctioning for a few years now. At first I thought I was going insane and I was quite scared but I slowly came to the realization that I should keep quiet and my mind guarded and just observe and learn for an indefinite period to gather intel and piece together the jigsaw. I am aware now.
I know my partner is a plant, a pawn of the regime who doctors my food with fuck knows what drugs on command from fuck knows who.

My mind alternates between super awareness with unrivalled clarity of insight to realizing the haze I am awakening from is either drug induced, some form of hypnosis or externally switchable schizophrenia or a combination of all three. Needless to say they have control……… they have control of something quite powerful. They want soldiers who are unwavering in their fanaticism no matter the current cause they fight for. They want soldiers who do not feel pain to minimize their reduction of operating efficiency when injured but best of all they cannot recall any mission they were ever on, even under torture. I suppose I should be flattered they picked me as a suitable candidate.

I wake up in the morning sometimes and my body aches from head to toe and yet I can recall no physical effort in the preceding days that would cause such physical fatigue. It feels like I have been running for a week and had no sleep……. In fact I have ………

My programming is failing, I can remember bits and pieces of missions and the other parts of the jigsaw I put together from observation and intuition. Laughably the very same attributes that qualified me as an outstanding candidate for their program is their undoing and perhaps ultimately mine. If I am discovered I am dead, no question.

My mentor was an active part of the intelligence community two decades ago and I fear that it was he who knowingly allowed the bastardization of my mind, in fact he may have even played an active part. Emotional detachment was a specialty of his you see……
Where better to store national secrets than to distribute them across the locked down minds of a generation. I think it all may have started fairly innocuously as a bizarre secure storage facility program but it got crazy after the staggering results were made available to the military. Cold war paranoia will do that.

As a storage facility, the locked mind is a brilliant solution…..
There is no database as secure, no computers to hack, no buildings to be compromised, no knowledge that you even have the information in your head…….

I am unaware of where they send me, although most of my deployments begin at night. Somehow I can live the duality simultaneously, my daily life seems real, tangible, right there in front of me but at the same time I am aware of another. I am aware of somewhere else in the middle of a disgusting war. Usually I drive or pilot the deployment vehicle in hostile zones to and from the LZ. A lot of us don’t come back. I take metal on a lot of missions but all I feel is a short sharp pain then just mild discomfort followed by a wet warmth around the injury. Mostly I can feel the sting of a needle soon thereafter and then I feel nothing… just continue to get us all in and out of there in one piece.

Sometimes I have to fight, and kill. It’s easy when they’re trying to kill you first and after a while it just becomes clinical precision and the only feeling is satisfaction that accompanies perfect technique.

I fear for my life and my sanity. I fear for the lives and minds of my children.

Your reality is a lie. The world is not what your senses tell you it is.

Trust your mind, not your body.
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