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Molten Green pt1
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:52:40 AM »
Its really hard to convey just what it is about surfing a dawn patrol that it so primal in its connection to the human psyche... but for anyone who's never experienced it I'll try. Enjoy.

Molten Green.

Molten green walls of liquid glass slide effortlessly past on their way to oblivion. Waves of energy, an ephemeral power that has literally traveled thousands of miles to ultimately hurl itself at the shore.

Right here, right now.

An old friend, Sol makes his presence felt. The first rays of warmth upon my raptured face, a warm glow in my heart. Summer's ocean feels soothing, clean... gently caressing me with its tranquil lull and rock. I'm plugged into nature by dawn's glow, not another soul in sight.

Plugged in and recharging.

Divine solstice behind me, I glide smoothly into a soft, glassy wall of fun. It lifts and carries me with ease and I can feel the power inside it... the wandering energy that fate decided should meet me here.

Energy transfer underway and my board accelerates hard. A deft spring to my feet and a glowing grin as I rip down the face, almost in free fall, adrenaline coursing my veins.

Alive, my board thrums under my feet in a primal dance, vibrating and shimmying with speed and energy. Its the only time in a boards life where it becomes an entity... somehow sentient with idiosyncrasies and character of its own volition.
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