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Firestorm - by shrek
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:50:36 AM »
A fury unleashed like never before
gave no one a chance to escape through the doors
howling in rage like a cyclone on shore
no where to hide from the brunt that it bore

It showed us no mercy as it struck in the night
the flames and the smoke was a sickening site
no mercy was shown in its path of destruction
a crack and a howl it was like an eruption

as quick as it came it passed and had gone
a trail of horror and lives it left torn
what it had left it cant be described
except horror and mayhem for those that survived

our hearts and our thoughts are with those  it affects
to the ones who lost loved ones our most deepest regrets
what you have been through one cannot describe
apart from a lump and a tear in our eye

To all those that helped to try and tame such a beast
all hero's in my eyes to say but the least
unselfish and caring in a time of dispair
most of you fighting have lost your fair share

Bat not an eyelid to help where you could
to find that your lifetime was burned where it stood
you battled on fiercely  to help out a friend
and never gave in even after the end

Stand strong and defiant as Aussies we do
when its time to rebuild it will be me and be you
to stand side by side and rebuild as we go
and show all the world what already they know

We wont be beaten even when chips are down
for we will rebuild our lives and our towns
thanks to our nation for coming on board
a heart felt thank you and thats rest assured

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