Author Topic: Night Before Christmas - by Shrek  (Read 1205 times)

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Night Before Christmas - by Shrek
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:49:53 AM »
Twas the night before Christmas
I was drunk as a skunk
When at a minute past midnight
I hear a great thump
Ash has all cleared now and to my supprise
she stood there all naked
A sight for drunk eyes
tits were like Mellon's all firm and so pert
my eyes were all bloodshot and by fuck did they hurt
her pussy was mound like and smooth as can be
she looked just like the picture I hung in my tree
he'd sent me an angel in my drunken state
if only he'd sent me her lesbian mate
Not that I'm greedy or hard up you see
but my dick Hurts from wankin I cant even pee
To see such a sweet thing fall out of the sky
It gave me a hard on and a tear in my eye
it was just then I woke up to not one and not two
But a sticky wet crotch and a face fulla spew
once I had realised it was only a dream
I cracked a new tinny and got fresh Vaseline
Twas good while it lasted the view in my head
my cock is all sore now and a dark shade of red

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