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A work in progress - by MrFriendly
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:47:16 AM »
It's an idea in progress, but I just don't know how to write it. But I'll share what I've come up with so far.

"Why are you here? This isn't exactly the place to come to for a media opportunity."
"Well Colonel, not ever politician visits a war zone for the photo opportunity. I genuinely want to find out some truth about this war."
The Colonel paused for a second to consider a response. It was in this moment he thought of the best way to show him the truth.

"I think there is something I can show you which might shed some light"
Greatful, the Senator replied "Well, I'd sure appreciate it."

The Colonel lead the Senator through the base to a prison block, walking past numerous cells he stopped. "This is prisoner 3654."

The Senator didn't quite know what to make of this. He wasn't entirely sure what this was to show him about the war effort, but he thought he'd go along with whatever point the Colonel was trying to make. "Why is this man here?"
"Supplying arms to the enemy, he's also guilty of war crimes, plus you really don't want me to tell you what he's being doing to POW's. That aside, I want you to look into this mans eyes."

The Senator obliged, and tried to look into his eyes. After a short time he just felt uncomfortable and also confused. "Do you notice anything about him Senator?" The Colonel asked.
"No, he just looks like a man" As the Senator said this he realised his words took on a much deeper meaning. Here before him was nothing but a man. "What did this man do to our POW's?"
"Well, if he wasn't letting them starve to death, he was torturing them for information. Actually, I think he just enjoyed torturing them for the hell of it."

The Senator now found he couldn't help but look at this man. There lay a man, in the fetal position, wearing nothing but a few rags and covered in bruises and sores. "This man?"
"Yes, this man."
"You just... You just build up this idea in your head of what Colonel! What are you doing!?"

The Colonel held out his side arm to the senator handle first. "I want you to take this gun, point it at that man, and execute him." Said the Colonel in a disturbingly calm voice.
"No! This is madness. Your insane."
"I'm insane? Do you not think this is a reasonable request?"
"You're asking me to kill another man!"
"That's interesting Senator, Your government has been asking my men to do the exact same thing for the last three years now, the only difference is you don't ask, you conscript them and tell them they have no choice. I've given you the chance to experience a profound element of war, a staple truth of it, and you want no part of it?"
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