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New One - by Shrek
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:46:25 AM »
As you all know I dabble in poetry and every year I enter a competition in Cowra called the peace bell,

 You have to write a poem about peace, This yr I changed tact and.......

here is this yrs   

Violence today is running a rife
I've seen so much of it within my own life
No matter what country in which you live
A Soldiers life they are willing to give
To save there country and its freedom of choice
So all of  its countrymen can have the same voice


On foreign soil the fight is fought
All is safe or so you thought
More terror struck in another place
On a holiday island we thought was safe
So close to home in this sad case
Amongst a quiet and loving race

Lives were lost in a callous display
October the twelfth remains a sad day
A sickening visual inside my head
Sleepless nights within my bed
How could this happen in a peaceful place
The world was shocked it's an utter disgrace

Peace and tranquility was shattered that night
Images on TV were a horrible site
Such a callous attack on a fun happy night
Had the world as a whole in a shiver of fright
So many lives were taken away
A place in life's history it is going to stay

After the fact of that sad fateful event
Survivors and family were never hell bent
Revenge is an outcome no one desired
A sense of redemption was all that's required
For wrongs can't be made right through anger or revenge
Karma is a strong thing that wins in the end

To all of the victims who didn't come home
Its my way of saying it's an act that isn't condoned
To visit the island and lay a small Retha
And whisper the words

May you all rest in peace

Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Hard


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