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The Dealer
« on: July 14, 2009, 03:39:00 AM »
Jack was sweating hard, his breath came in the ragged gasps of an exhausted man. He recklessly hurled himself down a twisted labyrinth of pitch black alleyways that seemingly melded together into confusing mass of crazy turns, overflowing trashcans and graffiti.

Leaning up against the grimy brickwork, he steadied himself, desperately trying to regain his breath, straining to hear over the hammering of blood.

“Oh God...”

The footsteps hunted him down like a dog. They were closing fast and he was lost…. It was hopeless.

Sobbing, he slid down the filthy wall and curled up in a fetal position, mentally and physically wrecked. He knew he had literally seconds to live.

The footsteps grew closer…. There were more than before….

Peering through hot tears and the cracks in his fingers, he saw the moonlit outline of an ugly mob rounding the far corner.

“There he is” a broken voice called.

“KILL HIM” came a demented scream.

They started running at him now, brandishing ugly pistols, chains and baseball bats.
“This is it” Jack sobbed into his hands between racking coughs.

Roughly, He was reefed to his feet before being violently hurled off them again and pinned by his shoulders against the cold brickwork by two very burly and very pissed off stand over men.

“Ahhhh Jack… thought you could do a runner huh?” Sandy growled, the dull streetlight glinting menacingly from his jet black wrap sunglasses.

Jack’s feet couldn’t touch the ground and the pressure on his shoulders was unbelievable.
“Uh-huh” was all he could whimper in reply, he was petrified.

“Did you move any more kay-gee’s of the stuff?” Gareth spat, in an ice cold gravel tone. His face, only inches from Jacks, was half obscured by shadow and in fact the only feature of the big man’s face that Jack could distinguish was those dark wrap glasses and shaved head.

Jack couldn’t speak. He was so terrified that he could only open his mouth and try to talk… nothing. His voice had failed him, so he just shook his head.

A low guttural murmur sprang from the mob as they fanned out, menacingly surrounding him while swinging chains and bats.

“Please let me die now, before the pain”, Jack whimpered incoherently to a god that seemed so far away.

“What did you say” hissed a quiet but extremely sinister voice. The dark figure of Glen stepped quietly around the two enforcers that had him pinned.

“I…errr….I …. I’m ….sure … I …. C….c…ccc…can  ……move……a …few …more ….b….bb….bbbbags” Jack managed to stammer as he lost control of his bladder. He was sure he was going to die a gruesome, painful and messy death … he just knew it.

Sandy pulled a massive roll of duct tape from his pocket and started taping up Jack. His massive hands worked quickly to first bind his hands and feet, then his face. Jack couldn’t talk or move and he dared not open his eyes. Uncontrollably shaking with utter dread he waited for the bullet that was coming for him.

Instead he was roughly dumped into a huge Hessian bag and crudely manhandled into a large powerful sedan. The car was seemingly driven by a madman, Jack thought as he was thrown around the back seat from violent high speed maneuvers through the back blocks. If the tyres weren’t screaming from spinning hard under brutal acceleration then they were either screeching from slewing sideways or howling under locked up brakes.

Jack thought he was going to die in this car.

“Righto Jeff, this is the place, slow down a little”, a strangely alien voice whispered, seeming to emanate from within his head rather than outside it.

A door was thrown open and Jack was roughly hurled from the moving vehicle in a screaming, bouncing, excruciating ball of Hessian.

“Sell more bags or we’ll be back”, the strangely alien voice said again, this time with real malice that seemed to permeate his being and send uncontrollable cold shivers ripping through his gut.

After what seemed an eternity, Jack struggled to his feet and amazingly the hessian bag was ripped and torn enough for him to force his head through a hole and risk looking around. To his surprise he was at the top of Dead Mans Bluff to the north of town and those chilling words echoed over and over in the back of his mind.

“We’ll be back, Jack”
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