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1kg medium grain rice
Sushi rice vinegar
Phili cheese
Sweet corn
Sesame seeds
Spring onion
Rolling mat
Wasabi + soy sauce to serve
Small bowl of warm water + 2 Tbs vinegar to rinse your fingers

Cooked prawns/raw tuna/raw salmon/BBQ chicken are other options

1. Toast sesame seeds in a frying pan
2. Cook the rice as per my other post. Once done, fold in 1 cup (250mL) of the vinegar and 2/3's the sesame seeds
3. Slice the avocado and Phili, chop the onion, and cut the cucumber into strips slightly longer than the sushi sheets
4. Filling 1: Tuna + mayo + corn (use half the can of corn and tuna pictured. I had too much)
5. Filling 2: Salmon + 2 crushed sushi sheets

6. Place a sushi sheet onto the mat, and with wet fingers pat a 1/2cm layer of rice down.
7. Go right up to the three nearest edges, but leave 1-2cm clear at the top

8. Run a strip of the tuna mix, a piece of cucumber, and a sprinkle of sesame and onion
9. Same for the salmon, Phili cheese, avocado, sesame and onion

10. Fold over the mat, and roll tightly. Push any filling that falls out back in
11. Wet the last part of the sheet, and roll over it to stick it down

12. Wet a clean knife, and cut into portions. Either cut the ends off "clean" or leave it.
13. Clean the mat of any loose rice and repeat. Makes 8 big "logs"

Keep your fingers clean, and the mat dry. Mats are cheap, so buy a couple and turf them at the end.

Eat with soy sauce and some wasabi

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Re: Sushi
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This is another split off from the old cooking thread.

BC, is you still have them, could you repost the pictures?
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