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The rule of one and Lemon Chicken.
« on: April 20, 2007, 12:50:25 PM »
This was originally posted by thatp1g. I split it off from the old cooking thread.

The rule of one.

This simple mix can serve a multitude of purposes.

1 egg
1cup milk
1cup self raising flour

mix it all together.  It should form a mix that is about as thick as thickened cream. Add more milk to thin it, add more flour to thicken it.  Beat crap out it with a bamix or blender or a paint stirrer attached to your ryobi.

If you add a little castor sugar (about a tablespoon) that mix makes great pikelets.
If you add an extra egg and a dash more milk it makes great pancakes
if you substitute beer for the milk it makes great batter to cook fish in
If you add anything pre-cooked (cut up roast and frozen vegies) and a little bit of spice to suit it makes great fritters

It's a great, versatile little mix for blokes.

Lemon Chicken.  serves four guests if you serve with rice or 2 hungry blokes

Your gonna need.
500 grams of chook meat.
two lemons
an onion
about 300 grams of fresh veggies. Celery/carrot/water chestnuts (whatever takes your fancy)
optional/ fresh ginger, fresh lemongrass, spices
Rice or Egg noodles. (rice is easiest and makes the whole show go round a bit further)
a frypan
a bunch of oil
some cups.

Cut up about 500grams of chook.
Mix it into the mix we made above.
Heat about 2cm of peanut oil or whatever you have in a frying pan
(you know its hot enough when you can drop a pea sized piece of the mix into it and it starts spinning)
get the chicken pieces out of the mix and drop them in one by one. 
Cook the pieces until they are golden brown and then leave them to drain on absorbent paper in a warmish oven.

Empty the oil from the pan leaving only enough in there to stop things sticking to the bottom. Turn the pan back down to about half way.

Squeeze the juice from two lemons into a cup, Put two tablespoons of honey into the lemon juice and a tiny bit of hot water to mix it all together.  You should end up with about a cup full of liquid.  put it aside.

Get another cup and put half a cup of COLD water into it. Mix a tablespoon of cornflour into the cold water.

smash up some lemon grass and chuck that in the pan(dont cut it up you are going to pull it out later)
Smash up some ginger (dont cut it up you are going to pull it out later)
Smash up a chilli and chuck that in. 
Chuck the lemon after you have squeezed it into the pan if you dont have any lemon grass.
Cut an onion up and chuck that in the pan.

Chop up about 300 grams of your choice of fresh vegies, I like to use a bit of celery, carrot and water chestnuts, I cut them in little sticks so they cook a bit quicker and are easier to pick up. Chuck that all in the pan. Stir them around a bit so they dont stick or burn. 

When the vegies are soft enough to eat but not limp, remove the lemon grass (or lemon), chilli and ginger, chuck all the chicken peices out of the oven into the pan and mix it all around. 

Pour your lemon and honey mix over the lot. and stir it around. 

Wait till the fluid you just tipped in his bubbling in the bottom then tip little bits of the cold cornflour water in until the juice in the bottom starts to thicken a little.  (Don't tip it all in or add to much or you will end up with glue.  If this happens just add some more hot water and stir it around until it thins a little.)
You should end up with an opaque looking sauce about the consistency of cream. The chicken and vegies shouldnt be swimming in it.  It should just coat everything when you have stirred it around.

Serve this on a bed of rice or egg noodles. 

Sounds harder than it is. Add your own spices to taste.  I usually include a fresh green chilly in mine cause i love chillies, not necessary though.

Sauce can be bought at the shop premade if you don't like mine or CBF.

ED:  Oops I forgot, If you drink white wine, chuck a little bit of that in the sauce.
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