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Indian Ink comes in many colors
« on: March 21, 2007, 10:51:30 AM »

[size=12]Here’s the place to post your masterpieces, read great works and get some feedback.

The Knuck’s member list includes some really talented published writers who are more than willing to help you in your literary endeavors.

Please don’t be reclusive, no-one will bag you or your work out in here so feel at ease to post up your amazing words.

Please be sure to include the literary category of the piece you are posting in the title, i.e. poetry, article, short story, review, tutorial, etc.

Would you like to write a piece for dudeworld?

Articles / reviews / tutorials for the site will require:

Minimum 3 pages in word, minimum 6 clear clean pix 800 x 600 or higher (more pix is better ... heaps of step by step pix are better again)

I am definitely, definitely interested in any write ups you care to do as long as the subject is blokeworthy. I'll edit your piece for you, run your pix through gimp or shop (if they need it) convert your piece to HTML, knock up headings and links, and stitch it into the site.

Ok ... ATM any writing you do will be a love job (ie I can't pay you right now) BUT .. when the site becomes more than self sufficient and is actually generating cash in the red my first business of order is to actually pay everyone who contributes on a per article basis with a sliding scale for quality and quantity. I really do want to give back something to my contributors and it grinds me that right now I am unable to. Currently your articles will be read by more than 70 countries worldwide and Dudeworld’s projected hit count for our first year of operation is 30million+ … you will become an internationally published author in your own right.

Some guidelines (there are no hard and fast rules however).

The more work that goes into the article the more its going to be worth. Ways to make your article better:

- Intro, meat, outro, conclusion... standard format for articles ... Writing all the parts yourself is the go..(saves me time in the editors hat)

- Good descriptivism... people want to learn about your subject, use lots of relevant describing words and phrases .. if its clear in your own mind you will make it crystal clear in theirs and that’s our objective.

- Longer articles... the longer the better (to a point)... do a little research on your chosen topic and add some background info but be sure NEVER to cut and paste (plagiarism = nightmare for me down the track) unless you quote the source. Instead re-write that part using your own words and add your own bits and pieces throughout to make it yours.

-Good spelling and grammar (saves me hours in the editors hat)

-Pix ... wherever possible take your own originals, more is better and gives the editor room to move and a bit of choice when it comes time to drop a couple - 800 x 600 min.. must be clear, careful with the background (try using a backdrop wherever you can).

-Pix2... using images off the net - if you cant make your own assets (pix) then its ok to grab images from the net for your story. Good sources are google images and wallpaper images (wallpapers are always big and clean pix). Try shopping them to 800 x 600, adding a little color saturation, adjusting the brightness and contrast and sharpening the image.

-Pix3... image editors .. IMO gimp is better than photoshop for web work because it'll do everything 'shop will + the sharpen command is easily user variable on the fly. Gimp is free (need to install GTK+ runtime as well - on same page).

-Writers avatar .. need a picture of yourself .. must be decent quality, must be a headshot, must be wearing dark sunnies.

-Either post your article in here for others critique or zip and email to

Writers block? Stuck for what to do next?
-      Have a poke around the existing Dudeworld articles/reviews/tute's to get a feel for how they're laid out and what kind of content people like reading.

I’m really looking forward to reading your wonderful works, regardless of whether they are going to be a site article or not.


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Re: Indian Ink comes in many colors
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2007, 11:34:33 AM »
Mate I think this is a kick ars idea  [smiley=FUCK-YEAH.gif]

This is something I like the idea of contributing to :-)
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Re: Indian Ink comes in many colors
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Re: Indian Ink comes in many colors
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2007, 07:23:52 AM »
Hasnt this taken off , some poetic bastards here .
great idea richo
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