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After a stay overnight at Narrabri we pushed Northwards again on day 3 and headed for the Queensland border at Goondawindi.

Too many hours on the road and not enough beer !

Hey man... Texas is that way.

Hey we made it to the border !

Gaz is more interested in the local pubs.. haha ...

After crossing the border we turned East for the 400 klick run to the coast. One hour later we were getting smashed by another big low pressure system that was also heading East. We rode like demons possessed, after another hard 250 klicks we were winning the race to the coast and back in the sunshine.

We decided to get off the beaten path and discover some of the back roads over the big mountain range near the Gold coast. We thought the Bald Knob State Forest was pretty funny !

That jutting rock formation is the 'Bald knob' that the surrounding forest takes its name from.

The start of a HUGE bender on the town.. Gaz, Ghostie and Moz start smashing back the schooners.

Moz bailed out at 0300 (he had to work that day)... this is what he looked like at 0600 when we got back to his house, haha !

Much later that day we were back in the saddle and heading North again. It wasn't long before we saw the Ettamogah Pub. It's an Aussie icon and Gaz said "dude we gotta stop here for a beer". I was so hungover I swear that beer had razor blades in it cos it was so hard to drink.

We met some cool US tourists here and shared a few yarns about Harleys and Sturgis before we pointed the wheels North yet again.

This is a carpark at Coolum Beach, South of Bundaburg. We needed food and a spell out of the saddle. The many miles and lots of partying were catching up with us !

After a much needed quiet night at another good mate Liam's house he showed us his favorite local ride within 45 minutes of his house. The scenery was breathtaking , the roads windy and fun. We stopped at the local lookout for 5 minutes out of the saddle and to grab a few photos before heading South. We had many miles to travel to our destination at Yamba.

The side of the road just South of the Gold Coast. The run back down Australia's Eastern Seaboard was as awesome as always. The road was fantastic down to Byron Bay and crap after that. We had a brilliant night in Yamba and if you're ever there then make sure you spend some time at the top pub. Its on the top of a hill overlooking the sea and was built in the '30s.

Oh.... we got a little bit bored on the way home....

Our last day of the trip saw us burned out and road weary. We had covered 3000kms in 6 days and partied hard in 2 different states.... just what the doctor ordered !

It was so much fun we're going again next year !! Different destinations, different faces, same good times !!

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