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The weather map didn't look real good the day we left Newcastle and I was sure we would cop some rain over the coming days.

In fact we only made 200 kilometers South towards Canberra before we were smashed by a huge storm front. It was the most intense rain I've ever ridden through in 20 years on motorcycles. Cars were speared off the highway left right and center near Golburn and the water covering the road was a foot deep !

We were not about to quit and so we kept right on riding through that soup, down to 1st and 2nd gear work mostly for a good 20 kilometers until it eased off. By the time we hit Canberra (our nations capital) were were a pair of drowned rats.

It was nice and sunny when we left home.

At a truckstop 40 kays out of Golburn... that storm front sure looked mean.

Another 3 hours on the road saw the drowned rats at the end of the awesome Federal Highway on the outskirts of Canberra.

This is our long time good mate Sam (aka 1shot). He kindly put the pair of us up for the night before driving us around to AD and Fenn's place for party time.

And this is AD. He's looking pretty pleased that everyone thought his home brewed beer was awesome. Seriously this is the best stuff I've ever tasted, better than the stuff you buy at a pub. AD grows his own hops, roasts his own barley.... you get the idea....

Some of the gang kick back !

Britt's got a beautiful smile yeah ?

Another Gaz... this one goes by the old school handle 'Rybags'

Fenn... aka 'Nicola' and her hand made Xmas cake.

AD teaches Gaz how to play the sax

AD's awesome '43 Triumph 350 project.

A little hungover the next morning, we put on 150 klicks before breakfast, heading Northwest. We pulled over for a smoke and to check the map.

A couple of the other stops along the way.

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