Like Bike runs?

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This is where you can view pictorial ride-a-mentaries we're putting together of the major rides we go on. Be mindful however that these pages are very picture heavy and will take a while to load.

It was all Phil's fault. In his wisdom he decided to ask several of the blokes from work to "come for a bit of a ride with the boys".

I will admit that as one of the new fellas, I was more than a little chuffed to be asked and promptly filed my permission to party form with my own personal Minister for War and Finace. She was more than happy to let me off for good behaviour in a weeks time (Woo-Hoo) and the scene was set folks...... Read More

This memorial run was run on Sunday the 25th June 2006 on a cold, clear Winter's day. The plan was for everyone to meet up at "Frasers" the local HD dealer at Broadmeadow about 9am, grab a coffee and hit the road about 10am. The run entailed a 3hr ride around Lake Macquarie and then onto the lookout at the top of mount sugarloaf for a BBQ, the service and a band.

"Damn its cold," I thought to myself as Kristen and I headed over to the coffee stall set up outside the closed dealership. I was grateful someone had decided hot drinks were a good idea before a chilly winter ride. Read More

The National Museum is raved about far and wide by everyone I talked to who had visited the place so a bike run up there was only a matter of time. The Museum officially relocated to Nabiac from the Australian Capital Canberra in 2000 and currently exhibits over 700 bikes as well as some of the most amazing memorabilia and accessories from yesteryear ever seen in one place.

It was settled then, Big Damo armed himself with the Dudeworld digital camera and jumped on the back of my Nightrain. In short order we'd hooked up with a couple of mates; Pete on his metallic green '92 FXR Custom and Kev riding his vivid black '05 FXST for the 300 odd kilometer round trip up the coast. Mal ('90 FXSTC) was planning to ride with us as well until he chopped the end of his thumb off in an industrial acident two days before... ouch! - Get well soon buddy. Read More

In fact the museum was so good we went back for another look one month later. This time I managed to capture some of the trip on video so check out Episode 4 of Dudeworld TV if you'd like to see it.

ďAre you keen for an overnighter?" Brett asked me one day at work.

"Sure" I said, where are you planning on going?

"There are no plans" he replied, "we're just heading west!"

"Awesome", I laughed, "I'm in."

And it was done.

I crawled out of bed after 4 hours sleep and fired up my '05 Nightrain, cursing dogwatch shifts the whole time. I thought she looked pretty damn good in the gleaming sunlight with her metallic pearl paint and radiant chrome. I pulled on my lid and adjusted the new pair of chopper eyewear riding glasses I had on test this weekend, they felt pretty comfortable straight up. Read More

Jeff had just run in his new '08 105yr anniversary Fatboy. Brett and Jono had just fitted up Thundermax computers to their rides and Mal had eaten a tonne of baked beans. Everyone from work was itching to put on some miles, regardless of the weather.... Here's what happened.

"Richo, the boys are planning a ride in a few weeks and I can get you a start", Brett told me at work one afternoon.

"Where are we going"? I asked.

"Bathurst, for a party at the pub", he replied, "50 bucks and you're in ... it'll cover accommodation and a support vehicle.... c'mon, they're a great bunch of blokes and it'll be a blast". Read more

It had been a tough 5 years since I'd been able to take any time off work... my morale at an all time low, stress levels at an all time high. I needed to pull the pin on my life and escape for a while, let the many miles of a full on road trip erode the crap away... a little at a time.

My brother and best bud Gaz was up for the trip too. When I phoned him about my idea of a week on the road all he could say was "Hell Yeah, when are we leaving?".

3000 kilometers in 6 days. Read more