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Phoenix shook violently with an intense burning hatred as she watched, powerless to stop them killing another of her children. Knowing that they wanted to lure her out of hiding and capture her, she remained secreted less than seventy yards from the scene of the fire.

Red and blue flashing lights echoed along the tall grimy brickwork that abounded in the old inner city near the rail lines. Built in the mid 1800's the brick terraces and warehouses were stacked on top of one another like dirty dominoes all in a row. Fire hoses snaked along the worn tar from several shiny engines as three crews fought back the intense flames that roared out of the second story window and licked at the sky. The fire crews could only contain the fire at the moment, unable to make any headway against the ferocious blistering heat.

"See my baby fight you back you filthy murderers" Phoenix hissed through clenched teeth, spittle flying from her lips, her flared green eyes were wild with torment.

She surveyed the street from the darkness of her cunning hiding place, scanning for any weakness, any flaw in the defense of those disgusting child killers. There... she thought as she spotted the Fire Chief's official car. The Chief had left his vehicle unattended to secure a perimeter with plastic tape in an attempt to keep out the impending ravenous news crews and vapid crowds of spectators.

Stealthily she withdrew into the velvet touch of inky blackness and in an instant she was undetectable to anyone in the street. With a practiced ease Phoenix navigated the labyrinth in complete silence, pausing once to retrieve a small hard plastic backpack and an old beaten up sports bag. Four minutes later she re-emerged into the half light less than 30 feet from the Fire Chief's car, her right arm aching from pumping air into the weed killer back pack that was biting into her shoulders.

Carefully she twisted the brass nozzle to the left just before ever so slowly feeding the end of the dull metal tube out of the slot and into full daylight. Her eyes ablaze with murderous revenge, she flicked the valve open with her thumb and a jet of pressurized petrol arced through the air in a pink stream and spread out under the Chief's fuel tank in an ever increasing pool.

Almost silently, she methodically pumped a full four gallons of high octane fuel into the underside of the Fire Chief's Buick. The grey haired chief was completely oblivious as he suddenly found himself trying to contain the first few news crews who whilst clamoring for a better camera angle had already breached his previously established perimeter.

Phoenix disappeared back into the darkness for a short time before re-emerging with the old sports bag but without the back pack. Reaching into the bag, her trembling fingers locked around the blunt cold barrel and carefully, sensuously, she withdrew the loaded flare gun.

"Oh you are so beautiful" she whispered to it while stroking its smooth metallic barrel with her delicately manicured hands. Her panties grew wet from the electric sensations the touch of something so potent and powerful gave her. Shaking, she watched the scene in the street while lowering the gun to her groin and slowly stroking the barrel backwards and forwards across her swollen clit.

Leaning back against the cold damp concrete with her hips thrust forwards she continued to drive the barrel across her tights in ever faster movements. Her breath became erratic and ragged, her piercing green eyes flashed like a wild animals would. Her head thrown back in a tangle of matted red hair and her back arched hard, she gritted her teeth to remain silent as she feverishly pistoned the flare gun and orgasmed violently in the half light. Phoenix waited a few moments to control her breath before she moved forwards to the slot and slightly trembling, slowly pushed the glistening barrel through.

A shiny black cylinder 1 inches in diameter slowly slid forwards into the daylight from behind the grating of a storm water drain in the side of the road less than thirty feet from the Chief's Buick.

As a demented high pitched scream of "child killers" came from both everywhere and nowhere, a red flare was discharged from an unknown location and ignited the underside of Car 64. A short time later Car 64's 50 gallon fuel tank exploded, killing two fire crew and injuring several bystanders.
Basic accident factors: Unknown
Basic accident failures: Unknown
Root cause of accident: Unknown

Phoenix thought she had never felt this good, so alive, so vibrant, so damn potent.

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