Steve's Sucker Punch Sally Bobber

A mate of mine Steve from Virginia Beach owns this really cool 2005 Sucker Punch Sally bobber made by these guys.

Steve's also the owner of a wicked old school frisco chop found here but the SPS is his reliable daily rider.

Starting with a straightleg SPS rigid frame with a 35 degree rake, an 80ci Evo was slotted in. Aimed more at reliability than outright power the donk was kept fairly mild and is expected to live long and strong. A Super E carb handles fuel duties while a 4 speed tranny takes care of business. Loud drag pipes keep the neighbours at bay and a wide glide front end with dog bone risers and drag bars steer her straight and true.

This SPS is rear brake only and gets the power down through a meaty 200 cross section rear tire. A peanut tank up top finishes off this simple no bells and whistles bobber. Steve tells me she's very dependable and he rides her anywhere, anytime.


Handlebars: Drag bars

Risers: Chrome 9" dogbones

Pegs / Grips / Shift peg: Billet alloy

Mirrors: We don't need no steenkin mirrors

Front End: Wideglide with black gators

Wheels: 40 spoke rims, powder coated black

Engine: 80" Evo

Carb: S&S super E

Airfilter: Drilled S&S teardrop

Mufflers: hahahaha...

Frame: '05 SPS straightleg

Rear Guard: SPS

Tail light: sidemount

Indicators: ummm.. nah....

Derby Cover: SPS

Cam Cover: HD

Seat: Custom upholstered leather Solo in white with red piping

Dash: What Dash?

Paint: metallic black pearl with old school white and red pinstriping

Tank: Aftermarket Peanut

Future Plans: Not sure yet, but you know it never ends...

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