Richo's 2005 FXSTB

I bought my Nightrain new in June '05 from Blacktown HD, Sydney. I had to wait 4 months for her to come from America and the week she was due I was a shattered man. There on the nine o'clock news was the totally burnt down Harley dealership with a ram raided prime mover smashed through the front half of the shop. A week of frantic running around trying to find a mobile phone number for the salesman and my crazed mind was put at ease... my bike was still sitting on the wharf in a shipping container and I would take delivery a week late. After that I called her "Lucky" and the name stuck.

This is the last model of the 5 speed Nightrains. For '06 they went to HD's new 6 speed box (sounds awesome). The nightrain was a little selling model for '05 and from what I can gather there are less than a dozen in the country (Australia). In standard format they came equipped with taller risers and drag bars, both of which I hated. I got the boys to fit the 12" wideglide mini ape bars and 1" risers and to hide the wiring inside them from when I picked the bike up new.

I've always loved the Softail Custom model but alas they didn't make one for '05. I was considering a Wideglide or a Road King until I saw the Nightrain in the catalogue. It basically a Softail Custom with blacked out everything... oh yeah! I was hooked.

Acres of black with chrome accents looks really classy and clean.

The Corbin seat makes long distance touring quite feasible now. I still have the standard HD Badlander seat for shorter solo trips and its only a single bolt to swap them over (takes about 2 minutes).

The rear tyre is a 150 (6" wide) and handling is excellent for a bike of this genre. The backrest angle is adjustable forwards and backwards via a small grub screw in the slotted rear section of the rest itself.

Guess who's happy with his bike? The ball milled chrome struts on the rear guard are detatchable saddle bag mounts, read about them here.

One of the big things I love about the Nightrains is their old school cred.


Handlebars: 05 Widegide 12" mini apes, wiring inside the bars

Risers: Chrome 1"

Pegs / Grips / Shift peg: HD

Mirrors: HD

Front End: HD

Foot Controls: HD

Wheels: HD spoked front, HD solid mag rear

Engine: 88" Twin Cam

Carb: HD CV carb with Thunderslide kit

Airfilter: Screamin Eagle

Mufflers: Screamin Eagle

Rear Shocks: HD

Rear Guard: Bobtail

Tail Light: HD

Indicators: HD

Derby Cover: HD

Cam Cover: HD

Belt Guards: HD

Seat: Corbin Gunfighter + Lady with a fully adjustable meduim sized backrest

Oil and Brake lines: HD chromed oil lines, Stainless braided front brake line.

Dash: HD

Paint: Metallic Black Pearl

Future Plans: Hello Mr. Edelbrock

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