Pete's 1992 FXR

A friend of mine Pete has owned this wicked old FXR for quite a long time now and it's still in amazing condition considering how much he rides the damn thing!

Originally built for Pete by ace customiser Mick Sternbeck of Kurri Kurri, this awesome ride has been running long and strong ever since, catching peoples eyes everywhere it goes. This bike is a true testament to Mick's original design concept and spannerwork as well as Pete's obvious pride in his ride.

This is a custom 'Sinbad Horsepower Special' air cleaner assembly with K&N filter insert. A tuned length and correct volume mean this intake makes more power than just about any other setup out there.

The view from the rider's seat reveals the classy look this bike just oozes in spades.

Simply amazing paint. Its a deep Emerald candy apple green over a coppery metallic bronze base with custom airbrushed ghost flames. There's no way this photo does it justice either... to see this bike in direct sunlight is a pleasure the eye rarely sees these days, the paint glowers spectacularly like an illuminated emerald when its in direct sunlight. Fantastic!

Check out the attention to detail here... the beautiful Custom Chrome pulley guards, the aircraft grade Fornales air shocks, the classy axle adjuster bolt nuts. Quality everywhere you look.


Handlebars: Carlini 1-1/4" Tbars

Risers: Chrome 9"

Pegs / Grips / Shift peg: Diamond cut

Mirrors: Custom Chrome

Front End: Wideglide with chrome fork legs

Foot Controls: Custom Chrome Forward Controls

Wheels: Custom laced spoke wheels with twisted spokes.

***Pete is pissed off with the twisted spoke rear wheel. He was not informed that the twisted spokes are NOT strong enough to handle duty in a rear wheel and he keeps snapping the damn things like twigs. His replacement rear mag wheel is now fitted and I'll get some update pics asap.***

Engine: 80" Evolution

Carb: HD CV carb with Thunderslide kit

Airfilter: Sinbad Horsepower Special

Mufflers: Straight through slashcut

Rear Shocks: Fornales Air Shocks

Rear Guard: Bobtail

Tail Light: Miniture Cats Eye

Indicators: Chrome Bullet

Derby Cover: Arlen Ness

Cam Cover: Arlen Ness

Belt Guards: Custom Chrome

Seat: Custom upholstered on the standard HD seat pan

Oil and Brake lines: Stainless steel braid

Air Dam: Arlen Ness

Dash: Chromed (was black)

Sidecovers: Later model larger sized

Paint: Candy Apple Emerald Green over a Bronze base with Ghost Flames

Future Plans: Custom machined fatboy rear mag wheel, Cam / Head / Lifter package.

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