A friend of mine Kev has owned this schmick 2005 softail standard since new and it's in amazing condition considering how much he rides the damn thing!

Still pretty close to a standard bike, Kev has still made a handful of tasteful modifications.

Kev is running scramin eagle taper turbo mufflers and a high flow air filter element on a screamin eagle backing plate. The SE backing plate is a nice piece too, incorporating a small velocity stack that feeds the mouth of the 40mm carby.

Kev ticked the box for the "profile rims" option. They're a smooth rounded rim with acres of chrome and look heaps better than a standard rim... nice !

Flamin' hell ! Nice grips mate.

The view from the cockpit, its pretty hard to beat the timeless class of black and chrome. Kev's softail has the vivid black paint option and damn it looks good.

Softails look wicked with badlander seats, pretty much why Kev dumped the stocker for a genuine HD one.

Another genuine moco accessory is this snappy chrome carry rack. Excellent functionality and looks in the one package allows Kev to throw his work bag on the back and ride any day he wants to.

Classy, timeless appeal... there's something just so right about the lines of a softail.


Handlebars: HD western

Risers: HD swept 4"

Grips: Flame

Mirrors: HD

Front End: Standard HD Wideglide 41mm

Foot Controls: HD

Wheels: HD profile optioned smooth rims

Engine: 88" twincam

Carb: HD 40mm CV

Airfilter: High flow K&N

Mufflers: Screamin Eagle taper turbo

Rear Shocks: HD

Rear Guard: HD Bobtail

Tail Light: HD

Indicators: HD

Derby Cover: HD

Cam Cover: HD

Belt Guards: HD

Seat: HD accessory badlander

Oil and Brake lines: HD

Dash: HD

Paint: HD vivid black

Future Plans: "Keep it smooth and clean and rideable, maybe chase some more power at some point in the future. Its a bike I'm going to keep for a long time."

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