Daniel's 2001 Ducati 748R

A mate of mine Daniel (Bluey to his friends) owns this wicked '01 Ducati 748R.

An awesome looking ride in anyone's books the R variant is even more special as it was the top spec'd 748 available for 2001.

The 2001 748R sported many impovements over the previous year's model. A better chassis, Ohlins suspension and the baddest kickarse brakes money could buy.

The 748R and lower spec 748SPS come from the opposite ends of the Ducati power theory. The R got the later short duration cams with lots of lift and dirty big valves. The SPS on the other hand came with long duration cams and standard size valves. The R was equipped with a much larger airbox and larger throttle bodies with shower injectors, as seen on the race 996 from ’99 onward. The SPS was a different beast, very much a hotted up Strada, whereas the R was a complete re-think of how to make it hammer. Bottom end wise, both got sexy Titanium rods as standard equipment (the earlier 748SP didn’t). The R model also scored Ducati's race bred dry slipper clutch.

A pure race bred factory weapon, this bike. There is not one part on here that doesn't need to be there and is not manufactured from the lightest and strongest materials available.

Check out the pipes... they're off a 996 and the mufflers are big bore carbon fibre Termignoni's. They sound glorious under full power and they rip out a deep booming "Get the HELL outta my way, arsehole!"

Check out the attention to detail. The craftsmanship in the mufflers alone is exemplary. Flawless welds and perfect carbon fibre laminating.

How sexy is the view from the rider's seat ?

The factory specs list max power at 11500 rpm for the lower spec models but this baby will spin right out to 13 grand no problems whatsoever... redline... what redline... we don't need no stinkin' redline...

The best sports suspension money can buy and it's standard equipment on the 748R.

Its the little things you notice that scream "Factory Special". Things like drilling holes in the minimalistic clutch cylinder mounting bracket just to save a few grams... the 748R is full of classy touches like this one everywhere you cast an eye over the bike.

"Of course you get a quick action throttle as standard equipment, Sir!"


Handlebars: Factory clip ons

Pegs / Grips / Shift peg: Hollowed out from the factory to save weight, alloy construction.

Mirrors: Again hollowed out, super lightweight ABS plastic.

Front End: Ohlins titanium nitride, fully adjustable USD forks.

Wheels: Marchesini 5-spoke light alloy.

engine: V-twin cylinder, 4 valve Desmodromic, liquid cooled.

Displacement : 748cc

Bore x Stroke: 88 x 61.5 mm

Compression Ratio: 11.3:1

BHP: 116 HP @ 11500 rpm

Fuel system: Shower type Marelli electronic Injection, 54 mm throttle body.

Airfilter: High flow.

Mufflers: Carbon fibre Termignoni's.

Front Brakes: 2 x 320 mm semi-floating discs, 4-piston 4-pads caliper

Rear Brakes: 220 mm disc, 2-piston caliper

Rear Shock: Ohlins fully adjustable remote reservoir.

Paint: Factory yellow scheme.

Future Plans: Trade her in on a new Ducati 1098R Tricolor

Would you like to see and hear Daniels 748R in action...

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