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I needed saddlebags to go with my new Harley I had just ordered. Not just any old bags mind you, but something that looked awesome, had a little class and possessed the ability to be taken on and off the bike quickly.

Acutely aware of the lack of quality in other non-genuine saddlebags I've seen over the years, I was determined not to end up with bags that suffered the usual afflictions of sagging, not being water tight, chafing against paintwork and cracking up inside a couple of years. I spent an age pouring over the genuine parts catalog in search of the perfect accessories and choosing decent bags was the hardest task of all. Read More

This is the full length story of Mel Nichols amazing first test drive of a Falcon GT HO Phase III. He and photographer Uwe Kuessner took this muscle car legend thundering down the Hume Highway. After an abridged version of this article appeared back then in Wheels Magazine, Newspaper headlines began screaming about inexperienced drivers getting their hands on a GT and driving 160mph down George St in the city.

With politicians and public opinion against these super cars, Ford decided to kill off the development of the Phase IV. Only 4 pre-production models were ever made. Ford continued to make regular GT Falcons in the years that followed, but they were a far cry from the type of car in the story below... Read More

The Segway is an electric powered transportation device designed to be ridden by people. It is the World's first dynamically stabilized, self-balancing Human Transportation system which the rider controls by moving his weight and shifting his balance. The Segway will traverse almost anywhere a pedestrian could.

One of our roving reporters, Dave, managed to score a ride on the i180 model over in France. Not just a quick spin either, he was aboard the beast for a full five hour stint and here's what he has to say; Read More

The Midte MDT-368HS multimedia player.

Its cheap, its Chinese, it came with a 1 terrabyte hard drive. This thing connects to your TV and lets you watch all those vids you downloaded on your PC... awseome. Well it could be awesome if you're prepeared to fight with it get your hands dirty...

Check it out as Richo fights against el cheapo chinese gear and Midte company support that is almost non-existant and Wins !Read More