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A mate of mine Jamie from Tennessee is building up a site about cooking awesome food.

Jamie's passion is food and his specialty is southern American style cooking.
So rock on over to Southern Bistro and have a yarn to Jamie and the crew on the forum and learn how to make great food!
This is my friend Kimmo's N12 Nissan Turbo page, hosted with the good folk over at N12 Forums.

Kimmo is a bloke who just can't help himself... he's just gotta make that car go faster !!!
Follow along as he hot rods his Nissan Exa with a better turbo and other go faster modifications.
Need high quality hand made biker headwear? Look no further than Hair Dominator and her Biker Head Gear. With a big product range and the ability to handle custom work, Hair Dominator can supply all your needs from beanies, bandannas and her famous Lox Sox.

Hand made products are way cooler than any mass produced crap so get behind your local artisan and buy their stuff !

Welcome to Top Bloke Day!
You may have stumbled across this site, heard about it on radio, read about it via the web site or it may have been karma (if you believe in that shit)....whichever, this site may well change your life for at least one day a year.
Chopper Eyewear Australia.
Need riding glasses ? Get them here, delivered to your door.
ASGÅRD CHOPPERS, SWEDEN will bring to the motorcycle enthusiasts, mechanics and builders, the frames, the front ends, the brakes, the wheels, the sheetmetal work … and all they need to build, to improve and make it their own original Chopper, sharp Racer or one of a kind Custom motorcycle.
Rustys Bayside Custom Cycles are dedicated to Harley Davidson products from 1937 up and are an extensive online source for New, quality used parts, reconditioned, reproduction and New Old Stock for Big Twin Flathead, Knuckle, Pan, Shovel, Evo, Twin Cam 45, Servicar and Choppers.
Follow the Forwoods on their amazing motorcycling jouney.
This has been an eleven year around the world trip which started in Australia on the 3rd of February 1996 and continues today. The same motorcycle , carrying our luggage has now visited 178 countries travelling over 470,000 km on its journey. There remain 15 unvisited countries in the world (13 Pacific Island countries plus the two Koreas). The trip is being done in sections, returning to Australia at various intervals. Our main emphasis is travel to unusual destinations.
Fatbills Customs... teaching you step by step how to work on your '00 - '05 Fatboy at home.
Ozbiker - A great Australian biker site and home of the infamous Spleen Vent forums - Cider has excelled himself here and built up a really extensive site. He dubs it a one stop biker resource for Somerset riders but it is way more than that. A great site with heaps of good info, pics and links that will keep you entertained for quite some time.
The infamous Q-Ball owns and runs Q-Ball's photos defined a generation... My mates and I grew up on his pictures that featured in many big name American biker magazines over the last 30 years. He gets the shots no-one else can.

Respect, brother.

Q-ball is also available for freelance hire. Please see his commercial site here

Nick Fletcher is a legend in guitar circles and the man behind I've really gotta plug this site because its not only brilliant, its very underground and built by one Aussie bloke with a driving passion to get his ideas out there.

Check out Nick's site for everything guitar related from lessons to effects, video guides, reviews and forums. If its got anything at all to do with axes, amps or home recording then its a fair bet you'll find it over at Guitar Australia.

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