Do you like cool videos ?

Hell yeah, we do... so much in fact that we've decided to take advantage of cheap high quality digital cameras and knock out a few mini-doco's, calling the whole thing Dudeworld TV. We'll be bringing you semi-regular shows to download that feature all sorts of very cool stuff for blokes and because we're on the net we don't have to suffer any sort of bullshit censorship like commercial TV does.

So kick back in your favorite chair, relax with a cold beer and enjoy Dudeworld TV!

p.s. The downloads will take a while as video files are inherently big bastards. Our in-house rocket scientist has compressed the living shit out of the files to keep them as small as possible without sacrificing much quality so you should still be able to fullscreen the vids on a 19" monitor, sit a few feet away and enjoy it in normal TV quality. Enjoy.

p.p.s. We're big on as much quality sound as we can build into the vids so turn up those speakers!!

(11.3Mb) The intro episode with Richo in his studio. This first short vid will give you a rough idea where Dudeworld TV is headed and what the future programming schedule will look like.

(283.1Mb - 19 mins) Newcastle, Australia. Its an awesome part of the world and its currently where Richo lives. He's taking you sightseeing on his Harley around some of the more interesting parts of town and along some of the scenic beachfronts heading towards the city. This episode features no talking, instead it has an Australian rock soundtrack dubbed in making it a pretty cool vid. A lot of the footage was shot at speed from a home made bikecam mount and there's a Dudeworld how-to on making one yourself for less than 20 bucks here.

(71.7Mb - 6:52 mins) The Hydro Hogs hit Tuncurry. What started out as a handful of good mates who all work for the same company (funnily enough called Hydro) going for a ride day once a month on their Harleys has grown a little. As a few more blokes bought bikes and wanted to join in the fun, the concept widened to include anyone who wanted their knees in the breeze riding any kind of bike. Enjoy this vid from mid '08 as the boys roll through some great country on an all day run set to a pumping rock soundtrack.

(118Mb - 8:16 mins) Pete hits the track ! Usually seen riding his customised green flamed FXR around the place, Pete tries his hand at racing a V8 Falcon at Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney. Just like a kid with a new toy he is having a blast flogging a fully fledged race car for all its worth.

(143Mb - 10:21 mins) Here's what happens when you drink too much beer and bourbon whilst trying to make a music video!
My little bro Gaz knocked up a fantastic original song on his home PC based recording studio so we decided to have a crack at mastering it to CD as well as producing a music video for it. Unfortunately after a breakfast of meat pies and beer things started to get crazy and kept on getting crazy for many hours!

(32.1 Mb - 4:59 mins) Flamethrowers.... its as simple as an aerosol can and a cigarette lighter but you'd want to know which can performs the best when you're locked in mortal combat with a whole wasp nest or a big ugly mutha spider wouldn't you?

Well, watch this episode and find out as we put some common incendary capable aerosols that most of us have in the shed to the test. The audio is a little quiet in this clip so you may want to turn up your speakers a little.

(175 Mb - 12:08 mins) Meet Dudeworld's master brewer 1shot1kill and learn how to make kickarse overproof rum from strong vodka. There's also a bonus section on making your own scotch from vodka as well.

If there was anything tougher for a bloke to do it would bloody rust.

(15.3 Mb - 1:31 mins) During a photoshoot for Dudeworld's Rides section we knocked up a cool short video of Daniel's awesome Ducati. It's a 2001 748R, comes standard with a dry racing clutch, speccy carbon fibre parts, 996 pipes and awesome Termi mufflers.

This thing accelerates like a dog shot in the arse and sounds PHAT !!!

(63.2 Mb - 4:39 mins) Meet Dudeworld's Chef. He not only knocks up an awesome feed, he also makes brilliant home brew beer AND he has his own keg setup in his shed !! How good is that !

The secret ingredient is rainwater folks...

(102 Mb - 7:25 mins) See the hellhounds in action. A kickarse pub blasting blues band that play heaps of great songs. The Station Hotel at Kurri was the fantastic venue for this gig and like all good band setups it was dark and Rockin ! I took along my little nikon digital cam and used it for all the footage. The vid came out slightly dark and grainy but it adds to the coolness!

Check out the Hellhounds fantastic website too.

(140.3 Mb - 10:22 mins) Episode 11 - The Dorrigo Run. What a hell of a weekend. The plan was to do 600+ miles in three days, heading inland before finally looping back towards the coast on day three. Originally there was five blokes and five bikes. After the first day there was five blokes and four bikes as I had crashed my Harley hard enough to make her impossible to ride. Leaving her at a friends house we pressed on regardless the next day and I decided to shoot film from the back of Brett's 07 Fatboy. Day two saw the attrition rate climb as another one of the pack had to part ways on personal business.

This film was entirely shot handheld, alot of it at speeds over 70Mph on country roads where severe vibration and wind buffeting combined to make getting decent footage really bloody hard. So kick back with a cold beer and enjoy this one, it cost me a lot to make it..... ha ha !

(73.6 Mb - 5:18 mins) Episode 12 - The Nabiac Run. One of the first "cam on bike" films I shot from about two years back. I recently found the raw footage tucked away on my PC and had forgotten all about it !

Running up the Pacific Hwy from Newcastle to Nabiac, tag along with Mal, Kev and myself and see what great scenery we have here in Australia.

(105.4 Mb - 6:09 mins) Episode 13 - Eastern Creek Top Fuel Drags. Two of the crew, Shane and Mark hit "The Creek" in Sydney, Australia for a Top Fuel drag meet.

Packing his trusty Camcorder, Shane shot some fantastic footage from the day and we've set it to some classic Aussie rock. If you like to hear V8's roar then you're gonna love this vid !

(71.5Mb - 6:14mins) 8th June, 2007. Newcastle Australia is battered by the worst storm in 30 years, wind strength exceeded 80mph and the rain was horizontal. Nine people confirmed dead, many homes damaged and many cars destroyed. A 675 foot long international cargo carrier named the 'Pasha Bulka' ran aground on a popular inner city beach called "Nobbys".

Recovery operations started immediately with the 22 crewmen winched off by rescue helicopter. The ship carried over 700 tonnes of fuel oil and 34 tonnes of diesel oil, prompting severe environmental concern. Authorites placed a proximity ban on the stranded boat by land and by sea. The Dudeworld crew flew in. Half slideshow, half video, all great.....Enjoy.!

(364Mb - 26:15mins)Two brothers, six days and 3000 kilometers.

Going for 5 years without any time off was really tough (its a long story) and I was pretty wound up. The first annual leave I got I decided to hit the road for a week with my little Brother Gaz and catch up with some good friends we hadn't seen for several years.

Heading South from Newcastle follow along with us as we ride under Sydney Harbor Bridge on our way to Australia's capital city of Canberra. From there we headed North West into the outback before crossing the state line from New South Wales to Queensland. Dodging a big Low pressure system we then headed East for the Gold coast and then North up to Bunderburg. The last two days saw us putting in the miles heading South back down Australia's East coast. The old school sound track is mostly 60's and 70's rock, mixed by my good mate Pedro (cos when it comes to old school, he's the man).

(380Mb - 26:06mins)The Newcastle 2008 Toy Run

The Newy Toy Run has been running every year since 1977. The first one I went on was in 1988 and it was still pretty small with around 40 bikes or so. Fast forward to now and it has grown into a monster with an average turnout of 5000+ bikes, in fact this year the Toy Run got over 6000 participants in an awesome show of support from the Newcastle biker community.

For those who are unsure what a toy run is exactly, its a charity event to give toys and donations to the needy at Christmas. When the Newcastle Toy Run was conceived by Big John (who still organises it every year) he approached many charities hoping to find one that would take the gifts and donations. All of the registered charities around here did not want anything to do with bikers and turned him away... all except one.... The Salvation Army. We stand by the Salvo's.

Follow along with Richo and Kirra (she's 10) as they get into the Xmas spirit and ride "Lucky" his 2005 Nightrain on the run. The vid takes you on the whole run so kick back with a beverage and enjoy a 1/2 hour of entertainment set to a popular rock sound track. This vid is dedicated to my friends in the USA and Europe who can't ride in winter because they're snowed in. Enjoy.

(252Mb - 18:38mins)The Patonga Run

Down the coast from Newcastle about 60 miles is a little jewel of a place called Patonga.

Come for a ride with Richo, Mal and Kev as they wind their way first down the coast around Newcastles awesome beaches and then along some fantastic mountain passes before hitting Patonga beach for lunch. The scenery changes from urban beaches through to thick gum tree forests around the Hawksbury River area and the views are spectacular. Its one of those rides you never get bored of.

A shout-out goes to Chris the proprietor of the CC-Leather-Rider Store on the Pacific Highway at Tuggerah, near Newcastle. He not only looked after us with good cheap riders gear and accessories on the day but threw in an ice cold beer each as well... how damn good is that? If you're near Newcastle NSW then make his shop somewhere to stop for a look around.

(75Mb - 6:29mins)The Harrington Run

Up the coast from Newcastle about 130 miles is a laid back little place called Harrington and its right on the water.

It had been raining for 2 weeks solid and the boys were keen to hit the road. The weatherman pulled through right at the last moment and on the day of the ride the sun was out in full force!

Get yer motor runnin' and come for a quick blast up the road with the Hydro Hogs. If you like some cool harmonica then turn up the speakers too!

(177Mb - 12:31mins)The Best of Dudeworld TV.

Over the last 3 years I've shot alot of footage for Dudeworld TV and various other projects I've been involved in.

Please kick back and enjoy the highlights of DW TV rolled up with some other great unreleased footage from my original video archive. This vid also features totally original homebrew music. The first crazy acoustic track was put down by my brother with me on backing vocals and the other two psychedelic acid rock tracks are by the legendary Nick Fletcher from

This vid is also available as a lower quality but faster download on youtube by clicking here

Season Two of Dudeworld TV is here.

You'll notice a few things are different this year:

- We've gone widescreen and high definition in the 720p format (1280 x 720 pixels) with the purchase of three new cameras. A Sanyo HD1a for closeup and zoom work, a Digilife 1080p for wide shots / mobile work and an Aiptek A-HD for risky stuntcam duties.

- This means a couple of things... the file sizes are alot bigger than before but not only can you watch fresh episodes on your PC in high definition glory, the .wmv versions can now stream through an Xbox 360 and be displayed on your HD television as well.

- We will also be offering every episode in smaller screen (and file) sizes to cut download time for anyone not on fast broadband or anyone who wants a quick hit while they wait for the full version to download.
These files will be in the MP4 format in popular sizes suited to the PSP, Zune and Ipod/Iphone.

The smaller MP4 files are easily viewed on your PC by installing the latest version of Windows media player or the brilliant (and totally free) VLC movie player found on our Freeware Page.

Click here for the high res version (1280x720)

Click here for the low res version (640x360)
(275Mb - 6:06mins HD720p wmv format) A short mini-doco featuring footage depicting some of the world war 2 bunkers, observation posts and fortresses that dot the coastline around my home town of Newcastle, Australia. Newcastle was shelled repeatedly by a Japanese submarine in 1942 and returned fire from the 9" guns at Fort Scratchley.

Right click the episode number (save link as) for the high definition version or right click the logo of your portable viewing device to download an MP4 tailored specifically for it.