The Great North Road from the Hawksbury up to Wollombi is as scenic as it is fun on a motorcycle. The boys loved carving up the rising sweepers to the ridgeline and snaking along its back for many a mile amid the tall gum forest and ancient sandstone. Soon however, we came to Wiseman's Ferry Road (route 36) and headed West towards our lunch destination.

Plummeting down off the ridgeline to the valley floor amid semi rainforest was as spectacular and challenging as always. The winding road pans out into sweeping vistas and the mighty Hawksbury river always keeps the road company on the left. The further the road travels the twistier it gets... for mile after mile... unerringly following the snaking riverbank.

Many miles later it abruptly ends at the government run ferry terminal where a free ride across the river to the Wisemans Pub awaits.

The boys waiting in the queue for the ferry.

On the Ferry

This chick wouldn't come anywhere near us. I think she was scared of catching biker-itis... haha...

Its a pretty big ferry and the bikes took up half of it parked nose to tail.

Having a yarn.

Plenty of heavy metal on display.

Mostly Harleys with a sprinkling of big bore jap cruisers and litre class jap sports weapons with a Buell or two thrown in for good measure.

The view from the ferry. The scenery around the Hawksbury River area is nothing short of outstanding.

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