"Richo, the boys are planning a ride in a few weeks and I can get you a start", Brett told me at work one afternoon.

"Where are we going"? I asked.

"Bathurst, for a party at the pub", he replied, "50 bucks and you're in ... it'll cover accommodation and a support vehicle.... c'mon, they're a great bunch of blokes and it'll be a blast".

The scene was set and the night before we were to leave the rain was bucketing down hard at my house. "This will sort the men from the boys" I thought to myself as I finished prepping my bike and packing my gear.

The next morning saw 40 odd bikes at the gas station in Kurri for the meet up. The rain was holding off but the mountain tops were covered in a thick blanket of fog and the sky looked overcast and sketchy. Another 9 riders did a no-show and were jokingly labeled as "Skirts MC" by the boys (no offence to the girls of the actual Skirts MC).

Shane (the organiser) handed out the cards with Mick's mobile number on it for anyone who would need the support vehicle. Foxy looked after the poker run side of things and after everyone's first round of cards were recorded it was time to hit the road.

This is Shane. He organises kickarse bike runs that are strictly invitation only.

Hamo shows Davo his new Triumph.

More bikes and riders roll up.

The back of Foxy's wicked stealth black R1.

A support vehicle is a GREAT idea. Chuck all your bags in the back so you don't have to carry it on your bike and nice insurance against anyone's bike breaking down / flat tyres / run out of gas / etc, etc. A big thankyou goes to Mick and the boys for looking after that side of the run.

Hamo. Great bloke and Triumph nut.

The blokes getting ready to leave. Judging by how many fellas were wearing rain gear it seemed like a 50/50 each way bet on whether it was going to rain or not.

After everyone had drawn their first card of the poker run it was time to hit the road.

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