OFFICER: Do you have any reason for travelling at that speed ?

BIKER: Actually, Yeah I Do......

1. I was being chased by a red and blue UFO for the last 50 miles.

2. The salesman at the shop said it'll do 300kmh, he's a liar - it'll only do 295.

3. It was my turn to get this round of beer for the boys.

4. I just pressed the little red button here .... see, the one marked NITROUS.

5. I'm nearly out of fuel and I needed the momentum to get to the Gas Station.

6. Einstein said you age slower if you go faster, do I look younger to you?

7. The voices told me to.

8. You mean I'm actaully allowed to go slower?

9. I'm just too drunk to go any faster.

10. The light was ORANGE, Officer.

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