It was colder than cold.

It was the kind of winters morning that would see even the toughest of brass monkeys wrapping their balls up in custom made "knackertherm" microfibre undies.

It was like an icebox inside my 20yr old Suzuki 4wd too, as I punted along the pretty winding mountain road on my daily sojourn to work. It had just occurred to me that even in a gutless old shitbox with no heater I was acually happy in my commute every day. I realised that I had discovered the key to happy commuting (it had only taken me 20 years) and I'm more than happy to share my thoughts...

1. Get enough sleep. Sounds pretty obvious huh? But its amazing the amount of people who don't look after themselves. If you wake up tired then you're going to be a grumpy bastard all day and by mid afternoon you will be struggling big time. Getting enough sleep is a prime requisite for long term happiness and definitely should be high on your agenda. Learn to say no to yourself and your mates now and then and get some rest!

2. Get up early enough so you don't have to rush. This is very important because as soon as you have to rush you're not enjoying yourself and it will fuck up your entire morning.

3. Eat breakfast. No, three cigarettes and a strong coffee doesn't count. Eat a healthy breakfast that has lots of slow release carbohydrates in it. This will help you maintain energy levels through the day and stop you feeling flat later on. If you currently don't eat breakfast (I never used to) then start.

4. Hot shower. It kick starts your body and gets you mobile, man.

5. Coffee to go. Invest in one of those awesome travel mugs with the lid, they're only a few bucks. Enjoying a good cuppa on the way to work mentally primes you for the day ahead.

6. Get yourself a good car stereo. If your car doesn't possess a good sound system then invest in youself and buy one. It can make a huge difference to your commute, especially if like me, you spend a fair amount of time behind the wheel each day. You can always remove your good sound system from your old vehicle and transfer it over to a new one when you update too!

7. Long range aerial. Buy an extended range aerial for your car radio. Being able to listen to stations outside your local area offers a wonderful variety to the kind of music coming from your speakers. Searching for new stations as you travel will go a long way towards staving off boredom in the long run as well.

8. Purchase a sports steering wheel for your ride. Something that feels really nice in your hands. I've tried several over the years and both an Italian leather Momo and a polished wooden old school wheel were standouts. Don't underestimate the calming qualities a good tactile experience makes to your trip.

9. Make sure your aircon or sunroof is fully operational. Being cold in winter is bearable but being stuck in traffic in a car as hot as a pizza oven on a stinking hot summer day really stresses the nerves. If your body is cool then there's a fair chance you will be too!

10. Take the scenic route wherever possible. If there's a pretty drive as a feasible alternative to your regular track then take it! Especially if it also means lowered traffic density.

So follow my ten steps to commuting nirvana and you will suddenly find yourself alot less stressed, mentally sharper and alot happier when you get to work.

Remember, No-one goes to work because they want to (unless they're a photographer for Penthouse magazine) so you may as well make it as pleasant as possible.

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