The Boss 429 is one of the rarest ford muscle cars ever made as there were only 859 ever made. The Boss 429 was created for NASCAR racing. Ford was seeking to develop a Hemi engine that could compete with the famed 426 Hemi from Chrysler. Homologation regulations required at least 500 cars be fitted with this motor and sold to the general public before it could qualify for racing as a production car. The Boss 429 powerhouse was born !

The Boss 429 engine was built tough from the ground up. It came standard with 4 bolt mains, oversize bearings, larger bore and new special hemispherical cylinder heads. Kar Kraft was contracted by Ford to build the Boss 429 Mustang because the new motor didn't fit inside the shock towers. Production on the Boss 429 began in 1968 in Brighton, Michigan at Kar-Kraft's factory. Kar Kraft made extensive modifications to the Mustang, including widening the shock towers and extending the inner fenders to allow the new motor to fit.

The battery was repositioned to the trunk and a beefy sway bar was added to rear end to try and control axle tramp. Only available from 1969 and 1970, the Boss 429 came standard with the fastback roof and the new Mach 1 muscle car version鈥檚 deluxe interior. It had none of the garish decals and paint schemes of the day, just a hood scoop and 15 in Magnum 500 wheels fitted with Goodyear "Polyglas" tires and a small BOSS 429 decal on each front fender. The 429 used the a Top Loader close-ratio four-speed manual because their automatic transmissions couldn't handle the sheer power output.

The 429s were rated conservatively at 375 hp and 450 lb路ft of torque. Actual power output was well over 500hp. FoMoCo and their dealers only listed 375 hp because of legal issues and rising insurance costs to keep costs down for the buying public.

Both model years featured a toned down exterior compared to other Mustangs of the era, without the flashy bodywork and paint schemes seen on the Boss 351, Boss 302 and Mach 1.

1969 Boss 429 Mustangs were available in five colors: Wimbledon White, Royal Maroon, Raven Black, Black Jade, and Candy Apple Red.
1970 versions were painted Grabber Blue, Grabber Green, Grabber Orange, Calypso Coral and Pastel Blue.

All 1970 Boss 429s came with a gloss black painted hood scoop.

Each Boss 429 Mustang came with a KK sticker placed on the inside of the driver鈥檚 door above the Ford Warranty Plate which signified Kar Kraft鈥檚 production number. The first Boss 429 was numbered "KK NASCAR 1201" while the last 1969 is numbered 2059. Some Boss 429s may have this silver tape stripe missing as a small brass plate was substituted by Kar Kraft on a small number of cars.

1969 Boss 429 Mustang Performace

Engine: 375hp Boss 429 V-8
Horsepower @ rpm: 375 @ 5200
Torque @ rpm: 450 @ 3400
Transmission: Four-speed manual
Axle Ratio: 3.91:1
Weight: 3,870
0-60 mph 7.1
0-100 mph 13.6
Standing 1/4 mi 14.09 @ 102.85 mph
Top speed 118 mph

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